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Why Tagaytay Wedding Cafe?

The romantic city of Tagaytay is now known as the most popular wedding destination in the country because of its picturesque views and cool climate.

The Wedding Café is set in the heart of Amadeo, Cavite, a few minutes drive from Tagaytay and also known as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines.

Coffee has also become a trend in the
food and beverage industry and has
been a favorite drink to many people
especially to couples going out on a
date or just hanging out. A cup of coffee
is perfect on any meal and any part of
the day, and can be a good companion
of couples during the wedding planning
We also believe that meticulous
planning and careful attention to every
detail are the hallmark of a truly happy
and successful wedding day that’s why
we created this place. This cozy café will
give the soon-to-weds a time to relax
and enjoy the exciting experience of
reating their special day, with an escape
from the city’s hectic life.
FREE Wedding Consulation. Yes you heard it right! Here at Tagaytay Wedding Cafe we offer you FREE wedding consultation.   
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