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Town’s Delight Newest Innovation

Publish On 2015-03-03 , 3:28 PM

Town’s Delight Newest Innovation

In line with the newest technology, Town’s Delight The Caterer brings its newest offering to all—Town’s Delight mobile app, now available on Google Play Store!

Our dear patrons may now check different information about our offerings and packages. With this app, you can also easily contact us by just clicking “call” buttons and other features. This app made it easier for interested couples to know the package suit for their wedding. It will also entice your eyes with the different captured wedding moments—with the majestic view of Tagaytay City, as well as the delightful food packages.

You may now have more personalized details with what we offer—food, amenities, motifs, venues, churches, and more. Have this indulgence and get your ideal wedding. This app will ease your stress in planning and preparing your most special occasion.

Sit down with your partner and experience Town’s Delight app. Decide easily and have the most efficient wedding app available.

Indeed, we should always go with the flow of the newest technologies offered. By this, we assure that we don’t just give the best service for you but also guarantees the modernize approach for all.

Your dream wedding is now just a click away. Download Town’s Delight The Caterer mobile app and enjoy the latest from one of the most reputable food caterer in southern Luzon.


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Chef Rene’s Food Demo and Seminar

Publish On 2015-04-07 , 1:57 PM


What: Food Demonstration and Seminar
Why: Our Purpose - Chef Rene’s cooking demonstration and seminar is designed to teach people how to prepare delicious and nutritious food for themselves and their families. We teach students the general knowledge and skills necessary to shop for, prepare, and serve healthy and beautiful meals.
Have fun cooking and create a happy, healthy relationship with food!!

Chef Renato “Rene” Onabia


Where: Republic of Cavite Restaurant, Trece Martires City, Cavite
When: May 9 & 23 '2015 3:00-5:00pm (Call time will be 2:00pm)
Who: *Residents of Cavite who are interested in cooking. Must be 25-30 years old
How: Just contact us at 046-416-6214 | 416-5359 and look for Mr. Carlo Jay Ruiz. You may also send us an email at

Register here: A Matter of Taste 

Only the first 30 people to reserve will be entertained per week. And it is FREE! So, reserve your slots and get to know more about the different Cavite cuisines.
This food demonstration and seminar will be spearheaded by no other than the Republic’s Executive Chef and Operations Manager Mr. Renato “Rene” Onabia.

After completing the 2-hour session, participants will be given certificates for future use.
Chef Rene will be sharing the secrets in making three of Republic’s best-sellers: Kare-kare, Kaldereta and Sisig.

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Special Events Made to Perfection with FORENTT

Publish On 2016-05-16 , 2:49 PM

You no longer have to get all-in-one packages just to make your event a spectacular one. If you are looking for a supplier to provide chairs and tables to match the theme and motif of your event, FORENTT has got them all for you.


Rustic Tables

Tiffany Chairs

Rustic Folding Chair

Crystal Tiffany Chairs

White Resin Folding Chairs


FORENTT has been helping hotels, events places, event coordinators and other wedding suppliers around Metro Tagaytay with their events and functions by providing themed furniture to complement their existing paraphernalia. Whatever occasion they’ve got, the search for well appointed chairs and tables becomes worry-free as they partner with this promising events service provider. 

Also, there are venues with chairs and tables that may not fit the right feel you want to achieve in your event—the right thing to do is to call this caring outfit to suit your preferences for your wedding event. You don’t have to settle for anything less than the best amenities, just contact Metro Tagaytay’s ultimate rental outfit for your event.

Whether you are hosting your own event at home or a supplier in need of furniture, you have to give it a blast of wonderful experience for the guests. This array of products will give your occasion the look and feel that would best suit your delicate preferences: Crystal chairs, Rustic Folding Chairs, White Resin Folding Chairs and Champagne Gold Tiffany chairs.

Contact Us:

Office Address: 144A J. Rizal Street Silang, Cavite | The Wedding Store, 2nd Level, Summit Ridge Promenade, Robinson’s Place Tagaytay City
Contact Numbers: 09177216814
Email Address:

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Why people are going back to their hometown?

Publish On 2016-05-23 , 2:54 PM

Ever wonder why we have a special yearning for specific cuisines that make us want to go back to our respective hometowns? Whether you are from the northernmost part of the country or from the south, you always have that favorite dish in mind which stands out forits distinct taste only our doting grandmothers could possibly offer. Some of those all-time,hometown favorites are:

1. Adobo

With its basic ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, laurel leaves, adobo occupies a hallowed spot as a favorite dish to serve in every household. While this indigenous recipe lends itself to many variations, we still prefer the version prepared at home. No wonder why most Filipinos consider adobo as our national dish.

2. Sinigang

Another favorite recipe served at home is this tangy viand served in such variants as Sinigang na Bangus, Pork Sinigang and other interesting versions. The more sour the soup, the stronger the appeal to our gustatory faculty. No wonder, countless cooks keep their respective secrets in making its soup sourer, and they are all winners.

3. Kare-kare

Kare-kare is always a restaurant best-seller. With its rich peanut sauce, who can resist its delectable flavor? A local fare with a delicate combination of meat and veggies, kare-kare only requires a tinge of shrimp paste to perk up its flavor.

4. Nilagang baka

Our penchant for soups galore goes on all-time high with this local cuisine that is usually made tastier with black pepper and a hint of fish sauce. No wonder we always include Nilagang Baka in our list of favorite dishes. And though the preparation is simple, it requires patience to tenderize the beef.

5. Pochero

A well-loved stew that we got from the Spanish colonizers is Pochero. It may not be as common as the dishes mentioned above, but is undeniably one of the most requested recipes whenever we visit our hometowns. One ingredient that would make you remember Pochero is the tolerably sweet plantain (saba).

All these recipes bring a homey feel and beyond the simplicity of taste, we can’t help but crave for Filipino authentic flavors. Indeed, the real magic of a delightful cuisine is a loving hand of a mother or grandmother who painstakingly puts it together for an unforgettable hometown fare of pure gastronomic pleasure.

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The Best Deal Ever at The Wedding Cafe

Publish On 2016-11-06 , 1:46 PM

Almost every couple yearns for the breath-taking wedding event of their life, and often, Metro Tagaytay comes as the most preferred location. Along this line, soon-to- weds would scrimp their finances just to be able to save enough resources for their Tagaytay destination wedding.

Fortunately, Engr. Robert Dizon of The Wedding Café just recently announced an enticing promo, so couples don’t have to break the bank to realize such a dream wedding event. Tagaytay Wedding Cafe is a soothingly elegant wedding venue that will suit the wedding event you’ve been aspiring to have. Tucked away from the humdrum of the city, The Wedding Cafe has got the finest features most conducive to an intimate wedding event so you and your guests can savor every delightful moment of your splendid occasion.

But the best feature of The Wedding Cafe offer is that couples can enjoy the use of the wedding venue FOR FREE upon booking Town’s Delight The Caterer for their wedding event. Until November 30, 2016, soon-to- weds can avail of the privilege of FREE venue at The Wedding Cafe as they book for the culinary masterpieces of Town’s Delight The Caterer for their most delightful moments of a lifetime. 

Day use and overnight bridal suite for event preparations or post-event accommodation are not included in this promotional offering. This is open to soon-to-weds who have not yet booked with Town’s Delight The Caterer, and cannot be availed of in combination with any other promos or perks being offered. 

Call us now and book your choice package along with this great freebie!


Check out some Tagaytay Wedding Cafe photos!

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