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Rosemont Gardens

Publish On 2014-08-02 , 4:02 PM

Rosemont Gardens is a place well-situated at Aguinaldo Highway in Alfonso, Cavite. It is spotted as second place in the list of wedding destinations in Tagaytay City based on the actual number of events. 

Typically, it takes a ten-minute drive from Calaruega Chapel. It is a great venue for family gatherings, weddings and other related events like intimate marriage proposals, engagement parties, bridal shower or to spend your honeymoon while enjoying the picturesque view of Taal Lake and the famous Taal Volcano.

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Moon Garden

Publish On 2014-08-07 , 2:10 PM

Moon Garden (Lily Pond) Tagaytay are special garden that become brilliant and fragrant at dusk, when the moon is out, casting a silvery shadow and when night-bloomers exhude their wonderful scents

Set in a pineapple plantation, Moon Garden Tagaytay reminds it visitors of Balinese setting and atmosphere with a moon accent. It’s a good place for a intimate and romantic garden wedding. The cool and gentle breeze of Tagaytay simply makes it a perfect wedding reception. If you feel like you want a romantic Tagaytay garden wedding, Moon Garden is the place for you.

The reception area can easily sit 200 guests. Amenities include a 60-car guarded parking that will fit most if not all the cars of your guests. If your guests chooses, they can book a casita for an eco-friendly overnight accommodation set in a lush tropical flora. And for techies, free WiFi access is provided. Moon Garden Tagaytay is also near the SVD Seminary and the Pink Sisters convent. So a visit in this places is also in order.

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Emps and Mels Patio

Publish On 2014-08-11 , 2:10 PM

Located in the Imus Poblacion, Emps and Mels is right in the heart of Cavite, along the commercial strip of the Imus market, the Imus Pilot Elementary School and Imus Institute, and is 50-percent cheaper than any other comparable venue nearby.

Emps and Mel's function hall can accommodate from 100 to 180 people. The space can be divided and rented as a half, for 30 to 40 persons; or three-fourths, for 50-100 people. Clients can avail themselves of party-planning services for weddings, debuts, theme parties, children's parties, company Christmas parties, business meetings, and seminars.

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Metro Gate Clubhouse Dasmariñas

Publish On 2014-08-13 , 2:12 PM

An absolute gem of a property, Metrogate Dasmarinas is approximately an hour's drive from Manila via Coastal Road and Aguinaldo Highway perfect for those who work in the city, but want to come home to a serene and relaxing environment.

At Metrogate Dasmariñas, residents can wake up everyday to beautiful mornings, still be close to the city, and come home to a place where they build a family. 

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Wedding Planning: 8 Wedding Planning Tips to Get Organized

Publish On 2014-08-19 , 2:11 PM

Ask any newlywed couple -- even couples that have been married for a long time -- and they'll all say the same thing: The key to a planning successful wedding (read: a wedding that goes smoothly, without any major glitches) is in the planning. Small things go wrong at every wedding. But keep in mind that you can save yourself from migraine headaches and crying spells by making a plan and simply sticking with it. These simple wedding planning tips will help you take some of the stress away (or at least minimize it!).


1. Lose the Laziness

One mistake that many couples make is basking in the glow of their engagement until 4-6 months before their wedding date. Then they try to cram all of the planning into a too-short period of time. Of course you should just sit back and be thrilled about your engagement for a while, but then you've gotta get cracking!

2. Buy a Calendar or Datebook
Once you determine your wedding date, set specific dates by which you want to get things accomplished. For example, you got engaged in June, and your wedding date is April 24. On August 31, mark in that you want to have the ceremony location and reception hall reserved. Try to get as much done as possible in the first few months so that the last few months won't be hectic.

3. Set Aside Time
Choose a day of the week when you'll focus on the wedding details, or several days if you're pressed for time. Sit down together and plan. This eliminates confusion -- i.e., the groom thinking he's supposed to call and check on hall rentals when the bride already has it narrowed down to what will suit their needs.

4. Share Duties
This is the best way to get things done. You both should be involved every step of the way. Make a list of details to be taken care of, then divide the list in half. Each of you choose what you want to do. This will make grooms want to be involved, instead of making them feel like they have to help. Sure, your sweetie probably isn't concerned with exactly which flowers you carry. And maybe you're not picky about what tuxedos he and the guys wear (or maybe you are!). But involving your husband-to-be will make him feel that it's his wedding, too -- something he helped plan, not just something he has to show up at. Which brings us to...

5. Talk, Talk, Talk
We can't stress this enough. Be sure that if you're sharing duties that you're also sharing the details. It's okay to take care of certain things by yourself, just make sure you're telling each other about it so the caterer isn't contracted with twice!

6. Be Flexible
Okay. So you really didn't want the groom/ushers in those tails and top hats. And maybe he doesn't want the cake to be lemon with pecan icing (!). Each of you is going to want things that the other doesn't care for, but flexibility is a must. Be willing to bend. If you really object to something, let your objection be duly heard and noted. Just give the other person a chance to explain why he/she really wants to arrive at the reception in a hot tub in the back of the limo.

7. Details, Contracts, and Negotiations
When dealing with wedding professionals (caterers, florists, etc.), be sure to clarify all the details and your expectations during the initial discussions. Make sure you get a contract specifically stating dates, times, and locations. Be sure to include what you feel is appropriate dress, and what you feel isn't. Spell out everything. Try to negotiate the best deal for goods and services, but don't sell yourself short on important things just to get a better price. 
Most importantly, be sure to read the fine print on every contract before you sign it, and make sure you're aware of cancellation policies and fees. Also ask if there's a grace period to cancel just in case you change your mind or something happens and you need to postpone the wedding (you never know).

8. Stay Organized
This one's pretty obvious! The more organized you are, the less chance there is that something will go wrong. Buy a notebook, and keep all your wedding information in it. Receipts, contracts, ideas -- everything. You might also want to get notebooks for your maid of honor/bridesmaids and the best man. Put info such as dates, times, locations, and duties. This will keep everyone organized as well, and minimize the chance of someone missing a fitting date or rehearsal time.


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