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The Lake Club

Publish On 2014-06-03 , 1:39 PM

The Lake Club is a romantic venue like no other and is one of the most stunning view of the Taal Lake, a year-round favorite destination for weddings, honeymooners and for nature lovers.The Lake Club is located in the heart of Batangas City.

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Cavite: Land Taste of the Heroes

Publish On 2014-06-04 , 4:43 PM

June 12, 2013 – Independence Day is nearly coming. It reminded us of patriotic Filipinos who offered their lives for our country’s freedom.  It is one of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history that was celebrated annually because it marks the nation’s liberty from the Spanish rule on June 12, 1898. Cavite took a great part on our history. The first inauguration of our National flag together with the proclamation of our freedom was done in the house of Emilio Aguinaldo at Kawit, Cavite. Many of our country men especially Caviteno’s fought valiantly to Spaniards even if the cost will be their own lives.  Without their courage maybe we are still being dominated and reign under the cruelty of the Spaniards. 

Cavite is named as the Historical Capital of the Philippines. It is the cradle of Philippine Revolution, and the birthplace of Philippine Independence. It’s true that this town was popularly known for being land of the heroes and freedom. This place was also known for the hospitality and warmness of its people. Above all, we cannot deny the fact that from then on until today it is highly well-known with its local delicacies that will trigger and tickle you senses. 

Cavite Republic Restaurant was one of the Cavite’s prides. Its structural design was inspired by the Town’s history and a replica of Emillio Aguinaldo’s house at Kawit Cavite. It promotes the Town’s local delicacies not only to ease your hungry appetite but moreover it aims to remind everyone who taste their dishes the sacrifices of our heroes and the worth of gaining our freedom. The owner, Mrs. Cecilia Del Rosario Pacumio or best known as Mama Cely offers authentic Caviteño's cuisine inherited from the family.


Here are some dishes of Cavite Republic Restaurant that you will surely fall in love with:

• Cavite Express - also known as Ginataang Langka but it is a twisted version that uses only kalumbahin or a variety of coconut that produces a sweet and sumptuous taste of coconut milk. It is made healthier because ROC uses halaan (clams) and popular native tinapa from Salinas, Cavite.

•  Sinanglay na Pla-Pla - is known as a Bicol dish, where pla-pla, a kind of fish, is filleted, wrapped in pechay, and simmered in coconut milk. Again, kalumbahin, and another Caviteño ingredient, labong or bamboo sprout, are used in this recipe.

• Sinampalukang Inihaw na Manok (Grilled Chicken Sinampalukan)  - because sinampalukan is such an underrated Filipino dish, ROC made a variation to make it more delightful and enticing. Unlike the traditional sinampalukan, a soup-based dish with vegetables, the chicken is marinated in a secret sampaloc (tamarind) sauce and grilled to perfection. It is best served with sampaloc vinegar to enhance its flavor.

• Crispy Binagoongang Baboy - unlike the usual binagoongan, this one is essentially what we call "lechon kawali," served with grilled eggplant and topped with bagoong or shrimp paste. The crisp and crunch of deep-fried pork turned into a saucy dish is definitely one of the best things ROC can offer.

• Kilawing Puso ng Saging - the Banana Heart Vinaigrette with Mussels tastes a lot more like Ginataang Langka, but with fresh tahong, one of Cavite's main seafood products. It has a spicy kick that awakens the sleeping soul in you.

• Chicken Barbeque with Peanut Sauce - ROC made this chicken barbecue something that will please everyone's taste buds. With its creamy and not-so-sweet peanut sauce, not only the adults would love it, but also the kids who always crave for luscious, syrupy dishes.

• Crispy Dinuguan - just like the Crispy Binagoongan, the pork is deep-fried until brown and crispy. When served, the crispy meat, along with the chicharong baboy, is separated from the cooked and thickened pork blood-based soup. Long, green pepper is mixed with the sauce to remove the stench of blood.

• Lihim ni Lola - an original recipe of the catering company's matriarch, this is purple rice pudding, a smoother version of puto bumbong shaped like inverted puto or kutsinta. 

Let us go and explore the historical place of Cavite as we celebrate our country’s freedom. Have a taste of history at the Republic of Cavite Restaurant together with your family and friends. Surely it will become one of the greatest and memorable experiences in your life. 

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Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips

Publish On 2014-06-14 , 12:50 PM

Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips: Clever Ideas To Save Money 

Here are some wedding budget tips on how to save money for the savvy bride. Cut-down your wedding cost with these creative ideas without sacrificing on style.

On wedding dress

It will save you a lot more if you prefer a designer couture by replacing the fabric or search for wedding dress options instead. You may also pick a main color theme and then have your bridal entourage or wedding party to choose their own dress with that main color.


On bridal hair and wedding make-up

Head out to a salon if you want your hair done by a hairdresser to save on money. If you will do your own bridal hairstyle, do keep your hair plain and simple. However your wedding make-up is an essential part of your look, specially with your wedding photos. You have to hire a professional make-up artist if you want your wedding make-up to remain throughout the day or might as well ask a friend who knows how to do it for you.



On wedding venue

Have your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception combined in one place. That can save you various site fees along with wedding transportation from one place to another. Choose a naturally romantic location to lessen the cost of additional wedding decorations. Destination weddings often tend to have a lesser number of guests.


On wedding stationary

Save on postage stamps. You may instead send out a group email and just tell your wedding guest to set a date in their journals. With wedding invitations, think about creating and designing your own. What you need to do is just choose the best font for your wedding theme, then print! Just keep it simple using high-quality paper.

On photography and videography

Settle for a service-only photo and video packages to be able to hire your dream photographers and videographers at affordable rates. Just avail the wedding album and edited wedding video later on.

On wedding flowers

In case you choose to have a professional carry out the wedding flower decorations, it can get very expensive. To cut down on cost, set up your own floral arrangements as well as bouquets and pick flowers that are in season.

On wedding cake

Wedding cakes can be quite costly. You can instead create and come up with your own wedding cake or simply get a basic cake coming from a local market, then set decorations around it. Other couples make use of fake cakes merely for the picture taking, then serve the real slab cake later on.

On catering

Serve a simple menu dish. Brunches, buffets, and hors d’oeuvres are cost effective than a three-course sit down meal.

On wedding favors and giveaways

Make your own wedding favors and get creative. You can make use of photo souvenirs as giveaways taken from your wedding party photo booth. Your guest will have an hilarious time as well posing with their most wacky shot and get their photos right away.

On honeymoon

Book in advance your romantic honeymoon travel destination and make the most of promos from airlines. Just refrain from traveling while in peak season. It’s when destinations are most crowded, very busy and will be more expensive.



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Casa de Campagna

Publish On 2014-06-16 , 2:11 PM

Casa di Campagna is a box-type glass door encased venue with ceiling adorned with romantic cast- iron chandeliers. The venue is large enough to seat at least 150 people. 6 independent air- conditioning units are stationed in Casa di Campagna. It also have a large private pantry area which will be helpful for food caterers.

The front of the venue has a patio large enough to seat 40 people or would also be an ideal buffet area. The interior of the venue is 248 square meters, whereas the patio area is 70 square meters.

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How to Stay Organized During Wedding Planning

Publish On 2014-06-19 , 2:11 PM

One of the most important tasks in successful wedding planning is to stay on top of things and get as organized as possible early on. Not only will this save you time and stress when you need to find a key document quickly, but it will also help keep your budget on track since you’ll know exactly what you still need (and don’t need!) at any stage of your planning.

One thing that we highly recommend when you’re first getting organized is to set up a collection bin system to contain and process all of your wedding-related correspondence and materials.

the tools you’ll need

(1.) a wedding inbox
The first bin will be your wedding inbox – anything you get in the mail today and each new day throughout your wedding planning will go here so that it doesn’t get mixed in with all of your other mail or lost in another part of the house.

(2.) a wedding “ideas” box
The second bin will be for wedding ideas and inspiration. Anything you might come across in a magazine, a color swatch or fabric sample, or any other piece of inspiration you happen upon but don’t know quite what to do with yet will go here.

Note: These bins need not be anything fancy — simple wire-mesh bins that you can pick up at any office supply store will do a splendid job. ;)

(3.) a wedding binder
Finally, a wedding binder will hold all of your notes, contracts and other details. This can be as simple as a 3-ring binder with pockets or as fancy as a dedicated wedding organizer that you can find in most bookstores.

and the most important step…how to process

Once a week, empty your wedding inbox by processing any correspondence or contracts that need to be signed and then filing anything that’s been finalized from your inbox into your wedding binder.

At least every two weeks or once every month, also empty your “ideas” box and keep only the things that you think you’ll actually use for your wedding. Your final color or fabric swatches can be added to your wedding binder, along with any other favor or decor ideas you’ve decided upon, etc.

By processing both bins on a regular basis, you’ll stay on top of anything that needs immediate attention, while continuing to fill up your binder and cross off your wedding planning tasks.



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