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Creative Photo Display Ideas for Your Wedding

Publish On 2014-01-03 , 7:54 AM

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Tagaytay Country Chairs

Publish On 2014-01-09 , 6:18 AM

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The Glass Hall

Publish On 2014-01-14 , 6:03 AM

Get to experience monochromatic walls and architectural clean lines that encourage simplicity. 
Modern architectural styles may seem cold but the The Glass Hall accomplished to give a warm and inviting feeling with dim lights that allow for relaxing in a whole different way. More or less an hour and ten minutes away from the capital city of Manila, Tagaytay is one of the most accessible and most popular tourist destinations of the Philippines. 
A favorite instant getaway for many of Metro Manila’s residents, The Glass Hall is a wonderful place in Tagaytay that offers up a romantic, intimate ambiance and a perfect wedding destination.

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Wedding Toasts: Tips For Keeping Them Classy

Publish On 2014-01-20 , 5:47 AM

Wedding toasts can be terrible; we have all sat through cringe-worth speeches during a reception. Perhaps the speaker helped themselves to a bit too much liquid courage, rambled on for ages, or made unfortunate digs at the bride or groom that went beyond good-natured jokes. No one likes to be humiliated, particularly in public and certainly not at their wedding. A great speaker can woo a room into a chuckle, or a tear, and every bride wants to feel like she and her wedding party, family and new husband are done proud.


Here are five essential tips to make sure your wedding toasts are delivered without a hitch:

· Decide exactly who you want to give toasts and encourage them to please be brief. Three to five minutes is a long window of time to fill. By encouraging your speakers to keep their wedding speeches short and sweet, you might ease also any pressure that they have put on themselves to go on at length.

· Choose speakers that you feel confident can handle the task gracefully. If you have concerns about your maid of honour being too nervous or too lengthy, perhaps you could pair her up with the best man? Strength in numbers!

· If there is a particular speaker that you worry might go rogue, or tell that one humiliating story, speak to them privately and share your concern. Confide that you will undoubtedly be emotional on your wedding day and could use their support in holding it together, particularly during toasts. Hopefully as a good friend, they’ll concede and take it easy on you.

· Trust in your emcee to keep things in check. Request that this person keep things running smoothly on your behalf.

· Relax. Once you have set the stage, so to speak, it is out of your hands. Sit back and revel in the love.



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St. Benedict Church

Publish On 2014-01-22 , 4:38 AM

The recently completed St. Benedict church at Ayala Westgrove Heights is one such church sits right by the entrance gates to Westgrove Silang, Cavite.


Know more about St. Benedict Church


A: St. Benedict Church - Silang Cavite


Your wedding reservation at St. Benedict Church includes the following:
  • Two hours church use for the duration of the Eucharistic celebration and pictorial.
  • Church lighting system.
  • Church audio and video systems.
  • Wedding chairs and kneelers for the wedding couple.
  • Marriage certificate


Mass Schedule: 

Monday to Sunday 

  • 8:00 am 
  • 10:00 am 
  • 2:30 pm 

Note: If Monday and Tuesday - Bring your own priest 

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