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Top 8 Wedding Planning Tips for Moms

Publish On 2016-07-12 , 1:46 PM

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Wedding planning isn't just a big deal for the bride and groom -- it's also a major moment for their moms. Here's the lowdown on some of the biggest issues and mother of the bride duties you'll face during the wedding planning process.

1. Have the Money Talk

In the initial excited moments of an engagement, to-be-weds will be thinking the sky's the limit. We're not saying you need to put a damper on their enthusiasm, but you do need to be clear about your limits. (Unless they've also announced that they're paying for the wedding themselves, in which case hey, you're off the hook!) Talk with your partner, then have a sit-down with the bride and groom-to-be to talk about the wedding finances. Be clear about how much you're willing to contribute to their wedding budget: Remember, you're an M-O-M, not an A-T-M.

2. Play Your Part

You probably have tons wedding ideas, from that great wedding florist your friend's daughter used to the cake you saw a picture of in a magazine the other week, and that's totally great. That said, don't immediately assume you'll be taking the reins when it comes to planning the wedding. Suss out what your son or daughter's expectations are by letting them know that if they need help with anything, you'll be there for them. And if there's something you'd specifically like to contribute an idea to, speak up when the time comes. But speed-dialing the bride or groom-to-be for every last tidbit of wedding info? Let's just say there is such a thing as a momzilla.

3. Dress for the Occasion

Whether you're the mother of the bride or the groom, there are some easy rules of thumb to use when choosing your mother of the bride dress. First, follow the formality and style of the wedding -- if it's going to be a casual beach affair, you're going to have to nix that black velvet gown, even if it does look great on you. Second, if you're not sure, ask! Both the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom should get in touch with each other and the bride. The bride can help you by keeping you in the loop about her wedding gown, the wedding colors, and so on. And while you don't need to match each other (or the bridesmaids), it's usually a good idea for both the moms to have somewhat similar styles. The only major no-no? Skip the white (or any shade that's even close)! That hue is for the bride only.

4. Get On the Guest List

Be sure to talk to the bride and groom-to-be about their expectations for the guest list. Yes, they might be envisioning a mega-reception filled with hundreds of friends and relatives -- but they could also be thinking of an intimate outdoor affair with just a few of their nearest and dearest. Find out what their plans are for the guest list and your contribution to it (and remember, the other parents are going to want input, too!). Once you know about how many people you can reasonably invite, you can draw up your own guest list and provide it to the bride and groom. If they're not sure how many people will work, a good idea is to put a star next to the guests you feel absolutely must be invited (don't forget to factor in any plus-ones).

5. Pick Your Priorities

There probably are some things you would really love to see be part of the wedding, whether including your own mother's favorite flower in the bridal bouquet or getting your great aunt Gertrude a good seat for the reception. But if you make a big deal out of everything single little detail, all you'll accomplish is driving the bride and groom crazy -- and chances are, they'll figure out your M.O. pretty quickly and stop budging on their decisions. And they're right: It's their wedding, not yours. So here's a better plan: Choose a few things (say three) that you really, really want to be part of the wedding, and let the bride and groom know about them. Focusing on just a couple of items on the wedding agenda, the ones that really matter to you, allows you to pick your battles wisely rather than fighting it out nonstop.

6. Meet the Parents

If you haven't already, once the engagement's been announced its key for you to meet up with your son or daughter's soon-to-be in-laws. The newly engaged couple will likely initiate this, but if for some reason they don't, feel free to bring it up. Just say something light like, "Your dad and I are really excited to meet Jane's parents." If they live hundreds of miles away, that's one thing. But if it's just nerves about combining the families, be clear with your tone that you're supportive of the engagement and marriage, so of course you want to meet the new in-laws. Dinner at a nice but still casual restaurant is usually the best option; that way, no one couple has to feel the stress of playing hosts or worrying what fork to use, and everyone can just relax and get to know each other.

7. Be Their Backup

Sometimes, wedding guests can be a bit demanding -- wanting an extra serving at the reception, extensive face-time with the bride, or letting their 'talented' youngster play a solo at the ceremony. You need to help out the bride and groom by being their first line of defense; or if that fails, being their backup. If guests come to you with complaints, deal with it tactfully by saying something like, "I'm sure Jane and Joe would love to be able to seat all of your children and their dates at the reception, but they're working with a limited budget and need to keep the wedding small. I know your being there really matters to them though, which is why they included you even though they weren't able to invite your whole family." A statement like this accomplishes three things: It makes the guest feel better, it lets the bride and groom off the hook without coming off badly, and at the same time, it doesn't give in to guests' pushy pleas.

8. Tame a Bride(or Groom)-zilla

Sometimes, it's not just the guests -- the bride or groom can get out of line with their requests. If you've got a bridezilla (or a groomzilla!) on your hands, you need to give them a little perspective. While an important role for a mom is being a shoulder to cry on, if they're making everyone else miserable, a little tough love might be in order. If they're going ballistic over every last detail, listen to their tale of woe -- then remind them that the wedding is just one day. Their love and marriage are the important things, not whether the florist is going to substitute spray roses for the ranunculus. If it's more of an attitude issue, remind them -- jokingly -- that they want the wedding party to be smiling for the wedding photos! Then ask if you there are any tasks -- things the bride or groom might have taken on themselves, or things they're delegating to their attendants -- that you or another relative can help out with to try to relieve some of the stress.

By Kate Wood

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What to do when it rains on your wedding day?

Publish On 2016-07-23 , 11:47 AM

It’s been a tragic dilemma for couples spending their wedding in a rainy season. That’s why extra time and effort is needed to make their wedding still fab and cozy. And if you areplanning to have your most romantic date in this kind of weather, even if there is a risk of heavy rain, then here are some tips for you: 

Outdoor wedding setup and styling by Town's Delight The Caterer

Tell your guests about the possible rainy wedding

In inviting your guests, it is always helpful to tell them any possible happenings. Remember that they are also preparing themselves for your event, so whether it rains or not, be transparent in telling them your plans to help them prepare the things they need in attending your wedding.

Rent a tent

If you’re going to have your reception in an outdoor venue, make sure to rent a tent. This would ensure the safety of your guests as well as the food and equipment for the caterer. It would maintain the whole wedding decoration intact as well as the set-up.

Prepare “rainy day souvenirs“

Embrace the season and prepare colorful umbrellas or raincoats as your wedding souvenir. Creativity would always save your special day. And since you accepted a rainy wedding day, better have a great approach in accepting it. Your guests might have the most useful souvenir from your event.

Order soupy meals

Since you already know the weather, tell your caterer to prepare soupy meals for the guests. It would be well appreciated if they see that you really prepared for them. Always ask what is available and plan ahead of time to help the cater serve only the best on your wedding.

Make your photos amazing

Tell your photographers about this plan and pose for photos that would make your memories matter. Remember that wedding photos would narrate how your wedding was spent years after, so make the most out of the opportunity of having a rainy wedding.

Dance in the rain

After doing everything in the program, have fun with the rain. Dance around with your partner and bring your guests outside the tent. Enjoy the moment of your day and feel the blessings from the Lord for your wedding. 

Remember to always have a blast on your day. It will only happen once and you decide whether it turns great or terrible. Planning is the key, so contact Town’s Delight to experience great wedding memories.

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Jardin Dela Vida Wedding Venue

Publish On 2016-07-26 , 1:16 PM

You don’t have to go to Tagaytay City to experience a magical event, because Jardin dela Vida will definitely fill any occasion with dreamlike venue through its urbane areas in lowland Cavite.



Setup by Town's Delight The Caterer


Located at EPZA Diversion Road in the historic town of Kawit, Jardin has the ideal features of a dream venue. Aside from its Garden Pavilion which can accommodate 150 guests, they also have their Poolside area perfect for your reception. You will feel relaxed with its nature-filled sceneries and other decors. It also features the European-inspired indoor place which is perfect for the unpredictable weather.

Any of their areas will definitely be a perfect choice for your occasion. Also, churches such as Holy Cross Parish Church, Imus Cathedral, St. Mary Magdalene Church of Kawit, St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church in General Trias are near to this venue—making it more interesting than traveling for far events places.

Have a blast of your most delightful event in lowland Cavite. Check Jardin dela Vida partnered with the most trusted wedding supplier in the province—Town’s Delight for moments worth remembering for a lifetime.

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How Much Do Weddings Cost In The Philippines?

Publish On 2016-08-16 , 1:50 PM

A Filipino wedding held in December at the Manila Cathedral in the Philippines.

Love don’t cost a thing, but weddings can cost a pretty penny. That might be one of the factors as to why fewer Pinoys are tying the knot these days — according to the NSO, the number of registered marriages has been steadily declining since 2009. There are so many expenses to worry about in life already, so setting aside a giant chunk of money for one day of celebrations might seem unreasonable.

But we Pinoys are very romantic, so we like our weddings. And having a wedding in this economy doesn’t have to be a burden. You just have to know your budget and plan around that. To give you a better idea, we’ve divided up wedding expenses into three categories: essentialsmajor, and minor. Read on and find out what expenses you have to prepare for to have the wedding of your dreams and start your life of matrimonial bliss:

The Essentials

Without these, you can’t have a wedding. These are the bare minimum expenses you will need.

  1. Marriage license. You will need to get this from your local registry office. The bride- and groom-to-be fill out this form together (he on the left, she on the right), and submit it to the municipal office. Fees vary depending on the city; for example, the total fee for Quezon City is P320, while in Cebu it’s P250. And if one of you is not a Filipino national, there will be additional fees, at around P1,000 depending on the municipality, and more forms required.
  2. Certificate of No Marriage. It does what it says on the tin — certifies that you are not married. Some churches require this. Philippine embassies can also request this if you’re getting married in a foreign country, and you’ll need it if your spouse will be filing for a fiancée visa on your behalf. This costs P415per copy (or $25 if the request is made from abroad) when ordered online from, orP195 if you go to a walk-in Serbilis outlet.
  3. NSO birth certificate. Some municipalities require an NSO birth certificate when you apply for a marriage license. This costs P140 from a walk-in Serbilis outlet, or P350 from
  4. Baptismal certificate. A must for church weddings, along with a confirmation certificate. The fees for these can vary. Churches require a “for marriage purposes” stamp on the baptismal certificate, so you can’t use your old one; you’ll have to get a new one.

Major Expenses

These are the major components of a traditional wedding. The cost of them depends greatly on your budget, taste, and number of attendees.

  1. Church. If you’re going to have a church wedding, you’ll need to prepare a lot of documents and attend a few seminars. But the big expense here is the fees for the church, which can vary greatly. For example, making a reservation at St John Bosco Parish in Makati costs P17,000 (without air-conditioning, P22,500 with). Meanwhile, Malate Catholic Church has an “economy” rate of P5,000 for weekday weddings — and if you’re a parishioner there, you can get a 50% discount on that rate. Some churches offer all-in packages. For P140,000, Mt Carmel Parish in Quezon City will provide invitations, flowers, catering, and photo/video services. A less expensive alternative is the kasalang bayan, or group weddings that are sponsored by the local municipality, sometimes in cooperation with a church, and are free.
  2. Reception. This will be the most costly major expense. According to, City Garden Suites Manila is one of the most affordable venues in Manila — their rates for a complete wedding package range from P44,750 (50 pax) to P167,720. The cost of a reception depends on how many people will be attending, the menu, and the venue.
  3. Wedding attire. Those on a budget can find wedding gowns for as low as P2,500. Boutique bridal stores offer dresses at a range of P15,000 – P40,000 and beyond. The cost of the attire will depend greatly on your style and budget.
  4. Wedding rings. These are a symbol of a couple’s eternal love, but they don’t have to be eternally expensive. Some local jewelry stores sell gold wedding rings from P8,609.50 each. If you want diamonds, expect to spend around P20,000 for the lowest tier. On the other side of the spectrum, you could spend almost P750,000 on a Etoile five-row band ring with pavé diamonds in platinum from Tiffany & Co.
  5. Photography and Videography. Of course, you’ll want to relive your big day with photos and videos of the event. If you want professional photography, basic rates can start at around P25,000. Video services can start at around P40,000. If you want to save yourself the trouble and get a package including both, expect to pay around P60,000 — and if you want extras like same-day editing or a prenup video, this will cost extra, starting at around P90,000 for an all-inclusive package.
  6. Makeup. Hiring a professional hair and makeup stylist for a wedding can set you back by as much asP20,000, depending on the stylist. Some packages are bride only (which can cost around P6,000), some include both bride and groom, and some include an additional two heads, such as bridesmaids.
  7. Honeymoon. If you go to a local honeymoon hotspot such as Club Paradise in Palawan, you’ll spend around P50,000 for a honeymoon package. If you want to go abroad, expect to spend even more.

Minor Expenses

These are the little expenses that can add up if not planned for. Not having these won’t kill your wedding, but they are nice to have.

  1. Invitations. This can range from P15 each for a basic invitation, or much higher if you choose fancier options such as customized designs, letterpress printing, thermography, and others.
  2. Souvenirs. Shops like Papemelroti have souvenirs from P20 and up. If you buy in bulk from a vendor, you can negotiate a lower price.
  3. Gifts for sponsors. Don’t forget to show your appreciation for your sponsors with a thoughtful gift. You could get a bottle of wine for P800, or a personalized Filipiniana clock for P500.
  4. Accommodations. If family and friends are going to travel from abroad to the wedding, they’ll need accommodation. If you can’t house them all, you can contact a hotel for group bookings to get a discount on room rates.

Of course, our list above doesn’t include every single expense. So depending on what kind of wedding you want to have, you could spend as little as P200,000, or as much as P1 million and beyond.

If all these expenses sound like a headache, remember that it’s not the extravagance of your wedding that determines the happiness of your married life. Instead, think of the wedding ceremony as a simple celebration of your love. What’s important is your loved ones will be present on your big day and everyone is happy.


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11 personalized wedding gifts!

Publish On 2016-08-23 , 1:52 PM

When it comes to wedding gifts, it can be tough to find great ideas for couples who already have kitchen appliances and silverware. And what if they don't have a registry at all? For those in search of something special, here's a few personalized items that couples will welcome at every stage of life.

1. Matching travel accessories

Whether it's for the honeymoon or a future trip together, inspire the newlyweds to go on new adventures with a set of personalized passport covers and matching luggage tags. These colorful extras are both practical and posh. 

2. Portable picnic backpack

The 30-piece "Happy Couple Backpack" from Personal Creations gives new meaning to "take out." The customized carryall has everything they'd need for a quick getaway, including a detachable wine cooler. Plus, it can be embroidered with their names and wedding date. 


3. Belted beach blanket

When they're looking for some fun in the sun, the lovebirds will look forward to using Beach People's leather carrier — it can turn any bulky blanket, towel or even yoga mat into an easy-to-pack, easy-to-tote item. I suggest you upgrade the item even further with one of the brand's unique and chic round towels for a cozy, stylish spot on the sand.

4. Personalized pajamas

Here's a great gift that offers the newlyweds another reason to stay cozy under the covers. Monogrammed sleepwear is a great little luxury that most people won't splurge on for themselves. PJs from Pajamagram are as comfy as an old T-shirt, but add an extra bit of polish and sophistication. 

5. Bold bedding

Even if the couple already resides in a fully furnished home, odds are, their pillowcases are still fairly ordinary. So why not mix things up with witty designs like that say "Mr. Right" and "Mrs. Right"? (And, of course, their real names, too!) 

6. Matching mugs

And speaking of the aforementioned coffee or tea, I fell in love with a coordinating two mug set which says "I stole her heart" and "So I am stealing his." Adorable!

7. Breakfast in bed ...

Home decor website is a wonderful wedding resource with a plethora of present ideas. I sifted through the site and one of my favorite gift ideas is the "Single Initial Lucite Tray." Simple, sleek and perfect for sharing tea or coffee in bed on a rainy day. 

8. Smart stationery ...

If you've ever been married, you know that those thank you cards can be a tough task to tackle. Help the couple out by getting them joint stationery.

... that's extra personal!    

And if you're looking to add a unique touch to the stationery above, consider gifting a personalized address stamp in the shape and style of your choosing. PSA Essentials has over 200 options available in the stamp and embosser categories, so you'll be sure to find something that suits their taste.

9. New name art

While home decor can be a tricky gift item, there are still some safe bets. Architectural photo art that subtly spells out the last name of the new pair will match almost any decor. If you're not sure that the couple is planning a name change, you can always spell out a favorite city name, sports team or even the wedding date.

10. Cute countertop boxes

For the couple who loves to cook, a customized wooden recipe box will look oh-so-cute in their kitchen. Consider pre-filling it with some of their favorites (to go the extra mile, reach out to relatives and add in family recipes to make it extra meaningful!).

11. A get-out-there game

The "Date Night Bucket List" game makes a nice addition to any relationship by providing unique suggestions for fun outings. Once a date is completed, the couple marks it off on the included keepsake sticks, so that they can reminisce about the experience for years to come.


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