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Tagaytay: The ultimate wedding destination

Publish On 2015-11-03 , 3:44 PM

It’s always been a fantasy to get married with the right person at the right time. But can you agree that the “right place” for this situation also matters? Well, for soon-to-be brides, optimism for this certain perfection matters, and there is no way that you could stop them in pursuing this kind of happening. We tolerate this goal they have, that’s why with Town’s Delight The Caterer, couples are always spoiled with the right and perfect kind of wedding they desire. Why not, if the event we’re talking about happens only once in a lifetime?

Wedding setup at Clearwater Resthouse

Cool breeze to complement the romantic occasion, picturesque view as a backdraft to the memories that will surely be treasured—these are just some of what Tagaytay promises to whoever may pleases to spend their events in its vicinity. And for the longest time, we witnessed some of the most emotional instances of families in the city. While bringing the services for couples, there is indeed a magic in the place that even us can never explain. More than the food, set-ups and other materials that makes a wedding event grandiose is every touching encounters that each of our client experiences. And how can you have all of this if your wedding just happened in a location that is exhausted or congested with too much pollution and unwanted crowd of stuffs? Imagine if the venue you have is that scorching and all your guests can’t help but to express their discomfort. 

View of Taal Volcano at Casablanca Tagaytay

The venue of your occasion really matters to match the kind of celebration you wanted. And to follow the Disney princesses you’ve been dreaming since childhood days, you have to get booked with one of Tagaytay City’s venues. You have the choice of spending it in a garden with an overlooking view of Taal Volcano or simply just the color of nature; you may also experience a royal-like feel inside the indoor venues or to any other venues perfect for your motif and theme. 

Have the ultimate wedding experience by putting together the right person at the right time in Tagaytay City, surely that’s perfection! And don’t forget the right match in having a Tagaytay wedding—that’s us, Town’s Delight The Caterer! Providing the most desirable wedding experiences in Tagaytay for over 41 years, there is no way that we can’t achieve the kind of wedding you want. Call us today and have a moment to treasure till the end of time.

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Planning a Christmas Wedding?

Publish On 2015-12-03 , 11:38 AM

If you choose to get married around Christmas there are plenty of ways to make sure your special day goes the way you want it while still not clashing with the season. Do you like carols? You can choose all your favourites at a church wedding at this time of year! But even if you're having a civil ceremony there is no reason you can't incorporate Christmas-style theming even if you can't involve the festival directly since it is religious in nature.

Photo credit:

Don't forget that a lot of people make plans over Christmas so you might want to send invitations extra early, even as much as three or four months in advance if you can. To stand the best chance of getting all your guests, consider sending out "save the date" cards as soon as you have booked your venue.

Hanging the Stockings

While we wouldn't recommend curly-toed elf costumes or jolly red santa outfits, there is still no reason why you can't incorporate a bit of Christmas spirit into your wedding outfits. You could go for a bolero or wrap to keep the chill off, and add some fake fur embellishments for a really luxurious feel. Don't be tempted to go for a very warm dress though, as you might need to cool down a bit once you start dancing at the reception so having the option to take off your winter warming clothes will be preferable.

Traditional Christmas colours are reds, golds and rich greens. These can be used as is or for spot colours on plainer outfits; ribbons and flowers for bridesmaids, ties or waistcoats for groomsmen or pageboys. If you're worried about the weather, go prepared with a nice parasol-style umbrella in matching colours!

Decking the Halls

Winter and Christmas weddings are greatly complemented by decorations of ivy and berries, and plenty of candles in rich, warm colours. Don't forget to check with your venue to make sure you'll be allowed to have candles, though.

That said, make sure you work with the existing colour schemes of your venues to make sure your wedding doesn't clash. If the reception hall has pink carpet, you probably want to steer clear of a heavy red theme as it will end up looking strange! You can work both with and around colours for your reception. If the venue has hints of rich colours like reds, golds or deep greens then it will complement a traditional yuletide theme easily. But you can just as easily go for a "winter wonderland" style snow and ice theme if the venue is decorated with cooler blues, purples or whites.

Stuffing the Turkey

Ideally you will probably be serving a roast turkey or goose with all the normal trimmings for a Christmas wedding dinner, followed by either a Christmas pudding or an iced fruit cake, perhaps with some brandy butter sauce. There's nothing to stop you from going for something a little more unusual, however. For a slightly different spin, how about having a separate turkey on each table so guests can help themselves, or serving mince pies instead of mints, or serving mulled wine and eggnog rather than champagne and coffee? You can even break entirely with traditional foodstuffs and go for a party-style buffet; theme the tables and plates with your main colour scheme and serve the right finger foods and there's no reason why people won't tuck in - just don't forget to have a vegetarian option on offer.

While fruit cake is normally associated with Christmas, there is nothing wrong with having a decorated sponge cake (you can even ice it to the same theme) or a chocolate cake (how about a giant chocolate log wedding cake?) so don't feel constrained if you don't like fruit cake. A croque-en-bouche presented to match your wedding theme can make a breathtaking centrepiece, and for the truly unconventional you can even have savoury fillings in the profiteroles.

Choosing the Tree

Your florist can advise you on flowers in the colours you want which will be available during the Christmas season. Why not have a Christmas tree decorated with the same colours as your main theme (or several, if your venue is large)? Don't forget that prices can go up as flowers become more popular over the holiday season, so if budget is an issue you could consider an alternative such as poinsettias (normally red, but you can get them in cream and pink), mistletoe and of course holly branches. Gypsophila in particular makes a lovely "garnish" style flower, especially in a bouquet.

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5 Ways to Propose at Christmas!

Publish On 2015-12-08 , 2:12 PM

If you are looking for creative holiday proposal ideas, consider these 5 ways to propose at Christmas. The most celebrated holiday is also an incredibly romantic time for a marriage proposal because of the religious and familial meanings behind Christmas. Let your beloved know that you want to spend the rest of your lives together with a Christmas proposal.

5 Ways to Propose at Christmas

The holiday cheer of the festive Christmas season brings family and friends together for many special gatherings and mediations on the special holiday. As you and your beloved feel the warmth and joy of the season, grab some mistletoe and surprise her with a romantic marriage proposal. Here are 5 ways to propose at Christmas that will make her happy:

1. Christmas Gift Proposal
The Christmas gift proposal is a traditional way to pop the question during the holiday. The proposal involves presenting the engagement ring as a Christmas present. Some people prefer to hide the engagement ring inside another gift or inside a larger wrapped box so that she doesn't expect it. Variations of this include: Place the ring box inside of a larger box. Some people place the ring in several boxes of varying size. As she unwraps each box, she is led to a smaller box, until she reaches the ring box.

Put the ring box in the bottom of a Christmas stocking, under other gifts. Arrange the other gifts around the box so that she won't feel the ring box when she picks up the stocking. She will be completely surprised by the time she reaches the bottom of the stocking and finds the ring. Some people even take the ring out of the box so that the box isn't detectable before unwrapping the other gifts.

Hiding the ring box in a visible spot on the Christmas tree so that she comes across it on Christmas morning. After she finds it, you propose.

This proposal can be done privately between the couple or in front of close family and friends.

2: Family Gathering Proposal
Since Christmas is a family holiday, you may want to include close relatives in the marriage proposal. This is especially a good idea if both you and your girlfriend have children, who may like to be involved in the proposal. Inviting your children to be present during the proposal makes them feel a part of the new family. Younger couples sometimes like to have at least one set of parents present for these types of proposals. A boyfriend might pop the question to his girlfriend in front of his parents and siblings as a way of inviting her to be a part of his entire family. This can be quite moving, especially when the girlfriend is close to the boyfriend's family.

3. Christmas Proposal Poem
Consider proposing with a poem to express your love in beautiful language. Write an original marriage proposal poem or find a pre-written one from many free online sources and adapt it to your needs. You can tie the proposal poem into the Christmas theme, highlighting the special significance of getting engaged during the holiday. Recite or read the poem to your sweetheart, or present it as a gift. If you present the proposal poem as a gift, make it into a keepsake. For example, put it on decorative paper like a scrapbook page, engrave it on a silver picture frame that holds a photo of the two of you, or write it on a beautiful card. If the poem is short you may want to consider having it placed on a custom-made Christmas ornament as a precious holiday keepsake.

4. Christmas Gift Treasure Hunt
She may only be expecting a fabulous gift when you hold a Christmas treasure hunt. Hide many fun and meaningful little gifts that lead up to her big gift - the ring. Each gift should relate to the theme of how great you two are together. Include keepsakes about your fun times together, her favorite things as well as items she requested for Christmas. Make the treasure hunt fun with a lot of clues that stay in the theme of how well you know and love her, and what a great life you two have together.

5. Christmas Ornament Proposal
Create a special Christmas ornament for your marriage proposal. The ornament can be engraved simply with the words, "Will you marry me?" Or you can have an ornament made with the words of your choice that ask the question. You can also use an ornament with special significance to her or a family member that assists with the proposal. For example, you might begin your proposal by presenting her with the first ornament that your parents put on their first Christmas tree as a married couple. As you propose marriage, mention that you hope that the two of you will hang the ornament on your own tree soon.

Christmas Proposal Advice
Christmas is a romantic time to get engaged. Just remember that the proposal is really about the two of you and the life you hope to have together. Tailor the proposal to your girlfriend's personality. For example, if your girlfriend is a private person, a family gathering proposal is not ideal. Think about the love the two of you share and what would make her happiest, and you will make the marriage proposal a special moment you both remember forever.


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Ang Tradisyunal Na Kasalang Pilipino!

Publish On 2015-12-15 , 10:56 AM

Ang tradisyunal na kasalang Pilipno ay nagsisimula sa pamamanhikan, kung saan maghaharap sa isang piging o munting salu-salo ang pamilya ng lalaki at babaeng nagnanais na makasal. Sa pagkakataong iyon piinag-uusapan at pinagkakasunduan ang mga detalye ng magaganap na kasalan. Mahusay na pinagpaplanuhan ng magkabilang panig kung kalian at saan gaganapin nag kasalan  at ang mga hangganan ng mga gastusin ng bawat pamilya.

Pamamanhikan. Photo credits to the owner.

Sa panahon din ng pamamanhikan ang pagbibigay ng lalaki ng dote o bigay kaya para sa pamilya ng babae. Ang dote ay maaring lupa, kalabaw, kabayo, mahahalagang bagay o di kaya` naman ay salapi.

Matapos ang pamamanhikan, maiiwan ang lalaki sa bahay nnga babae upang magsilbi. Tinatawag itong panghihinuyo.

Gagawin ng lalaki ang mga gawaing maaring makatulong sa pamilya ng ginigiliw. Magsisibak ng kahoy, sasalok ng tubig, tutulong sa mga gawain sa bukid, mangingisda o di kaya naman ay mangangaso. Bagaman nasa tahanan ng babae ang lalaki, hindi sila maaring matulog ng magkasiping. Mananatili duon ang lalaki hanggang sa huling isang linggo bago ang kasalan.

Bispiras Ng Kasalan

Ang bispiras ng kasalan ay ang huling araw at gabi bago ang kaganapan. Ito ang pinaka-aabalang araw sapagakat sa araw na iyon inihahanda ang mga pagkain at kagamitan para sa kasal. Nagtutulungan ang dalawang panig sa lahat ng mga gawain.

Masaya rin ang araw na ito sapagkat habang ginagawa ang mga paghahanda ay nagiinuman, nagsasayawan, at nagkakaroon ng mga katuwaan ang pamilya ng lalaki at babae kasama ng mga nagsisitulong sa pagahahanda.

Ang Araw ng Kasal

Ang mismong araw ng kasal ay puno ng imosyon. Madarama ng bawat ang pinaghalong lungkot at saya, sapagka`t hindi maiiwasan ng mga magulang na isipin ang nalalapit na pagkawaly ng maga anak upang harapin ang masalimuot at waknngg kasiguruhang buhay may asawa. Masaya din sila sapagkat  nangangahulugan iyon na napalaki nila ng maayos at mabuti ang kanilang mga anak at ngayon nga ay may kakayahan na silang magtayo ng sariling pamilya.

Nahahati sa limang parte ang kasalan. Ito ay ang:

  • Paghahatid sa altar
  • Pagtanggap
  • Pagsusumpaan
  • Pagsalubong
  • Pagbubunyi

Inihahatid ang babae ng kanyang ama patungo sa harap ng altar kung saan naghihintay ang lalaki. Ito ay isisinasagawa sa saliw ng tradisyunal na himig pangkasal. Nagmamartsa ang ama ta babae kasunod ng mga abay o mga pares ng binata at dalaga.

Pagdating ng babae sa harap ng altar ay magalang na kukuhanin ng lalaki ang kamay ng babae mula sa kamay ng ama nito. Ito ng tagpo ng pgatanggap. Isa ito sa pinaka madaminng tagpo sa kasalan. Ipinapangako ng lalaki sa ama ng babae na  igagalang, mamahalin at aalagaan nito ang kanyang anak.

Matapos ang pagtanggap ay luluhod ng babae at lalaki sa harap ng altar, kasama ng mga saksi, kung saan naroroon ang pari na siyang magsasagawa ng seremonya ng kasal. Nagkakaroon ng panalangin at pagbabasbas at pagkatapos ay ipinapahayag ng magkasintahan na tinatanggap nila ang isat-isa bilang asawa. Matapos ang sumpaan ay isinusuot ng nila ang singsing na sumisimbulo na sila ay ganap nang mag-asawa. Iniuutos ng pari na maaari nang hagkan ng lalaki ang kanyang asawa. Ito ang simbolo na nagmamarka ng pagtatapos ng seremonya.

Matapos ang seremonya masayang sinasalubong ng mga kaanak, kaibigan at mga nagsidalo ang bagong mag-asawa. Hinahagisan sila ng barya, bigas at mga talutot ng bulaklak. Inihahagis ng babae ang pumpon ng bulaklak na pinag-aagawan ng mga kadalagahan. Pinaniniwalaang ang makasasambot nito ay ang susunod na ikakasal. Samantala ihahagis naman na lalaki ang gater sasaluhin ng mga lalaki isusuot ito ng mapalad na lalaking makasasalo sa babaeng nakasalo ng pumpon ng bulaklak

Pagadating sa tahanan masayang ipinagbubunyi ang bagong kasal. Tumatanggap sila ng samut-saring regalo. Isa sa pinaka-aabangan ay ang pagsasayaw ng lalaki at babae kung saan sinasabitan sila ng pera habang sumasayaw.. naglilibot din sila tangan ang bote ng alak. Pinaiinon nila ng alak ang mga panauhin na nagaabot naman ng pera sa abot ng kanilang makakaya. Matapos aang pagbubnyi ay iiwan na ng bagong kasal ang nagkakasiyahang mga panauhin upang magtuloy sa kanilang Pulot Gata o ang kanilang unang gabi biilang mag-asawa.


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Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2016!

Publish On 2016-01-05 , 11:51 AM


In 2016, Zodiac sign monkey tiger, snake and pig are against or in conflict with TaiSui. Therefore, these zodiac persons are suggested to get the corresponding TaiSui amulets to appease TaiSui before managing their wedding.

In general, a good wedding date cannot be against either the groom’s Chinese zodiac sign or the bride’s. For specific persons, the lucky date for wedding is better calculated by the combination of birthday times of both groom and bride. Followings are the general auspicious dates for wedding in 2016 the Year of the Monkey, with what animal sign the date is against.

If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use fengshui import tool to find out your sign:

January, 2016
01/10 (Lunar 12/01) Sun. – against Zodiac Rooster
01/12 (Lunar 12/03) Tues. – against Zodiac Pig
01/13 (Lunar 12/04) Wend. – against Zodiac Rat
01/15 (Lunar 12/06) Fri. – against Zodiac Tiger
01/21 (Lunar 12/12) Thur. – against Zodiac Monkey
01/22 (Lunar 12/13) Fri. – against Zodiac Rooster
01/24 (Lunar 12/15) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig
01/29 (Lunar 12/20) Fri. – against Zodiac Dragon

February, 2016
02/06 (Lunar 12/28) Sat. – against Zodiac Rat
02/07 (Lunar 12/29) Sun. – against Zodiac Ox
02/12 (Lunar 01/05) Fri. – against Zodiac Horse
02/15 (Lunar 01/08) Mon. – against Zodiac Rooster
02/18 (Lunar 01/12) Thur. – against Zodiac Rat
02/19 (Lunar 01/113) Fri. – against Zodiac Ox
02/24 (Lunar 01/17) Wend. – against Zodiac Horse

March, 2016
03/01 (Lunar 01/23) Tues. – against Zodiac Rat
03/02 (Lunar 01/24) Wend. – against Zodiac Ox
03/04 (Lunar 01/26) Fri. – against Zodiac Rabbit
03/05 (Lunar 01/27) Sat. – against Zodiac Dragon
03/08 (Lunar 01/30) Tues. – against Zodiac Ram
03/14 (Lunar 02/06) Mon. – against Zodiac Ox
03/15 (Lunar 02/07) Tues. – against Zodiac Tiger
03/20 (Lunar 02/12) Sun. – against Zodiac Ram
03/26 (Lunar 02/18) Sat. – against Zodiac Ox
03/29 (Lunar 02/21) Sun. – against Zodiac Dragon

April, 2016
04/06 (Lunar 02/29) Wed. – against Zodiac Rat
04/17 (Lunar 03/11) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig
04/18 (Lunar 03/12) Mon. – against Zodiac Rat
04/30 (Lunar 03/24) Sat. – against Zodiac Rat

May, 2016
05/06 (Lunar 03/30) Fri. – against Zodiac Horse
05/12 (Lunar 04/06) Thur. – against Zodiac Rat
05/16 (Lunar 04/10) Mon. – against Zodiac Dragon
05/18 (Lunar 04/12) Wend. – against Zodiac Horse
05/21 (Lunar 04/15) Sat. – against Zodiac Rooster
05/24 (Lunar 04/18) Tues. – against Zodiac Rat
05/25 (Lunar 04/19) Wend. – against Zodiac Ox
05/28 (Lunar 04/22) Sat. – against Zodiac Dragon

June, 2016
06/02 (Lunar 04/27) Thur. – against Zodiac Rooster
06/06 (Lunar 05/02) Mon. – against Zodiac Ox
06/07 (Lunar 05/03) Tues. – against Zodiac Tiger
06/15 (Lunar 05/11) Wend. – against Zodiac Dog
06/18 (Lunar 05/14) Sat. – against Zodiac Ox
06/21 (Lunar 05/17) Tues. – against Zodiac Dragon
06/24 (Lunar 05/20) Fri. – against Zodiac Ram
06/30 (Lunar 05/26) Thurs. – against Zodiac Ox

July, 2016
07/01 (Lunar 05/27) Fri. – against Zodiac Tiger
07/08 (Lunar 06/05) Fri. – against Zodiac Rooster
07/10 (Lunar 06/07) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig
07/14 (Lunar 06/11) Thur. – against Zodiac Rabbit
07/20 (Lunar 06/17) Wend. – against Zodiac Rooster
07/22 (Lunar 06/19) Fri. – against Zodiac Pig

August, 2016
08/06 (Lunar 07/04) Sat. – against Zodiac Tiger
08/10 (Lunar 07/08) Wend. – against Zodiac Horse
08/13 (Lunar 07/11) Sat. – against Zodiac Rooster
08/16 (Lunar 07/14) Tues. – against Zodiac Rat
08/20 (Lunar 07/18) Sat. – against Zodiac Dragon
08/22 (Lunar 07/20) Mon. – against Zodiac Horse
08/26 (Lunar 07/24) Fri. – against Zodiac Dog
08/28 (Lunar 07/26) Sun. – against Zodiac Rat

September, 2016
09/03 (Lunar 08/03) Sat. – against Zodiac Horse
09/06 (Lunar 08/06) Tues. – against Zodiac Rooster
09/07 (Lunar 08/07) Wend. – against Zodiac Dog
09/13 (Lunar 08/13) Tues. – against Zodiac Dragon
09/19 (Lunar 08/19) Mon. – against Zodiac Dog
09/20 (Lunar 08/20) Tues. – against Zodiac Pig
09/25 (Lunar 08/25) Sun. – against Zodiac Dragon
09/28 (Lunar 08/28) Wend. – against Zodiac Ram

October, 2016
10/02 (Lunar 09/02) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig
10/12 (Lunar 09/12) Wend. – against Zodiac Rooster
10/15 (Lunar 09/15) Sat. – against Zodiac Rat
10/17 (Lunar 09/17) Mon. – against Zodiac Tiger
10/24 (Lunar 09/24) Mon. – against Zodiac Rooster
10/27 (Lunar 09/27) Thur. – against Zodiac Rat
10/29 (Lunar 09/29) Sat. – against Zodiac Tiger

November, 2016
11/08 (Lunar 10/09) Tues. – against Zodiac Rat
11/11 (Lunar 10/12) Fri. – against Zodiac Rabbit
11/14 (Lunar 10/15) Mon. – against Zodiac Horse
11/17 (Lunar 10/18) Thur. – against Zodiac Rooster
11/18 (Lunar 10/19) Fri. – against Zodiac Dog
11/26 (Lunar 10/27) Sat. – against Zodiac Horse
11/30 (Lunar 11/02) Wend. – against Zodiac Dog

December, 2016
12/02 (Lunar 11/04) Fri. – against Zodiac Rat
12/06 (Lunar 11/08) Tues. – against Zodiac Dragon
12/09 (Lunar 11/11) Fri. – against Zodiac Ram
12/13 (Lunar 11/15) Tues. – against Zodiac Pig
12/16 (Lunar 11/18) Fri. – against Zodiac Tiger
12/24 (Lunar 11/26) Sat. – against Zodiac Dog
12/25 (Lunar 11/27) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig


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