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7 Top Wedding Ceremony Tips

Publish On 2013-11-26 , 6:46 AM

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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Photos

Publish On 2013-12-07 , 6:08 AM



1. Pick the right photographer

Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer and have a good relationship with him or her. Choose someone that fits your style and vision and let them know what colours, lighting and aesthetic you prefer. “Try to really get to know your photographer,” says Martin. “They are your best friend on your wedding day and want to get the most out of you so that they can capture your day in the best way possible.”

2. Practice beforehand

Take a few pictures of yourself, or look at some of your favourite photos, to see what angles or poses look best. An engagement shoot is also the perfect chance to get to know your photographer and practice being in front of the camera. “First look” shots have also become popular and are a chance for couples to shake any nervousness and spend a relaxed moment together. Play around with fun ideas, like having your groom face the opposite way until he sees you, and scout out a meeting spot beforehand.

3. Look your best

In terms of posing properly, Martin suggests standing tall (not slouching) and keeping your arms relaxed (and not squished against your body). With your dress, makeup, hair and natural glow, you’ll most likely be looking and feeling your best anyway. “Take a deep breath and remember the whole day should be positive and fun,” she says. “Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Your photographer should know what way to shoot you and how you’ll look best so trust them and leave any stress to them.” She says the ideal time of day for outdoor pictures is when the sun is lower in the sky, which is anytime between 4:30 and 8 p.m depending on the season.

4. Be natural and confident

As much as having poses in mind can be helpful, try to act as relaxed and natural as possible. Try not to over-think how you’re posing. “The best photos are the most natural, so it’s all about being as relaxed with the photographer and remembering to be confident,” she says. “Your photographer should be able to direct you and pose you if needed, but remember, many of the best “poses” are ones that you just fall into naturally.” Show your photographer some ideas for shots or inspiration beforehand, but trust in their abilities and vision as well.

5. Get those important shots

Create a list of important shots, but don’t sweat over getting every single shot or combination possible. Leave yourself enough time for photos and travel time so you don’t feel rushed or tense. “Confidence truly is key,” Martin says.  “This is your day to shine so try not to get embarrassed or shy. Remember that on your wedding day you are at your absolute best!”



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Creative Photo Display Ideas for Your Wedding

Publish On 2014-01-03 , 7:54 AM

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Wedding Toasts: Tips For Keeping Them Classy

Publish On 2014-01-20 , 5:47 AM

Wedding toasts can be terrible; we have all sat through cringe-worth speeches during a reception. Perhaps the speaker helped themselves to a bit too much liquid courage, rambled on for ages, or made unfortunate digs at the bride or groom that went beyond good-natured jokes. No one likes to be humiliated, particularly in public and certainly not at their wedding. A great speaker can woo a room into a chuckle, or a tear, and every bride wants to feel like she and her wedding party, family and new husband are done proud.


Here are five essential tips to make sure your wedding toasts are delivered without a hitch:

· Decide exactly who you want to give toasts and encourage them to please be brief. Three to five minutes is a long window of time to fill. By encouraging your speakers to keep their wedding speeches short and sweet, you might ease also any pressure that they have put on themselves to go on at length.

· Choose speakers that you feel confident can handle the task gracefully. If you have concerns about your maid of honour being too nervous or too lengthy, perhaps you could pair her up with the best man? Strength in numbers!

· If there is a particular speaker that you worry might go rogue, or tell that one humiliating story, speak to them privately and share your concern. Confide that you will undoubtedly be emotional on your wedding day and could use their support in holding it together, particularly during toasts. Hopefully as a good friend, they’ll concede and take it easy on you.

· Trust in your emcee to keep things in check. Request that this person keep things running smoothly on your behalf.

· Relax. Once you have set the stage, so to speak, it is out of your hands. Sit back and revel in the love.



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Guests: What not to weak to a wedding

Publish On 2014-01-29 , 7:47 AM

We all know that the bride-to-be will have spent hours working out what she is going to wear to her big day, so it’s best that your attire doesn’t attract the wrong kind of attention.

We get asked all the time if there are any rules for what guests can and can’t wear to a wedding. Sometimes there are and sometime there aren’t. It all depends on the wedding. So here we have narrowed it down to the top 5 things to remember.

1.    Avoid wearing white

Unless specified on the invitation, do not wear white. There is only one person at a wedding that should be wearing a white dress and that is the bride. Obviously if you know the bride well and she says it’s fine, then it is. However unless you are specifically told it is OK, we suggest avoiding white.

2.    Read the invitation

You’d be surprised how many people don’t take notice of any dress codes specified on the invite. If the bride and groom have taken the time to offer a dress code, then it’s obviously for a reason. Make sure you read and take note. If you’re unsure what ‘smart casual’ or ‘cocktail’ entails, ask your friends, anyone else you know attending and Google it! Don’t be shy, it’s better to ask than turn up in inappropriate attire, or be only guest not wearing a hat (remember the uproar when British Prime Minister, David Cameron's, wife didn't wear a hat to the royal wedding).


3.    Wear appropriate shoes

There is nothing more unattractive than a guest who can’t walk in their shoes. Therefore, nothing too high (unless you’re a natural), and nothing too uncomfortable. Make sure you have taken note of the wedding location. If it is a beach wedding, we strongly suggest flats or an appropriate wedge. Stilettos and sand do not mix! Similarly if it is a garden wedding, bear in mind you will be spending a lot of time on grass and soil. And don’t forget you need to be prepared for any kind of weather.

4.    Avoid anything too short or too low cut

This is generally never a good look, so it definitely isn’t one at a wedding. And this may be stating the obvious but under no circumstances should you go for short and low cut at the same time! Short dresses can definitely be appropriate but by short we mean above the knee or mid-thigh and if choosing the latter ensure the event does not state black tie or full length gowns.

5.    Dress appropriately for religious buildings and places of worship

Either your connection with the bride and groom, or the wedding invitation, should give you a clear idea as to whether the event will be held in a religious building. If so, make note of the religion and any associated dress codes. Chances are if this is the case, a dress code will be stated on the invite, however if it’s not, make sure you double check or look it up online. Certain places of worship have strict rules and guidelines as to what can be worn inside, such as covered shoulders.




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