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Wedding Flowers’ Symbolic Meanings

Publish On 2015-02-26 , 1:09 PM

There is a language of flowers―whether you or anyone at your wedding is fluent in this language is another question. One idea: Give each bridesmaid a bouquet featuring a signature flower whose meaning suits her personality. Attach a note to the bouquet explaining why you picked that bloom for her. Here are some of the hidden meanings.

 Amaranthus: Constancy and fidelity
 Amaryllis: Pride, pastoral beauty
 Anemone: Abandonment, forsakenness, sincerity, fragility
 Chrysanthemum: Happiness and long life
 Chrysanthemum (White): Truth
 Chrysanthemum (Yellow): Secret admirer
 Chrysanthemum (Red): Love
 Daffodil (a.k.a. Narcissus): Respect, good fortune, chivalry, unrequited love
 Daisy: Innocence, loyal love, purity
 Forget-Me-Not: Faithful love and memory, true love
 Iris: Faith and wisdom, inspiration
 Ivy: Fidelity, wedded love, affection
 Lilac: First love
 Lily: Purity and sweetness
 Lily of the Valley: Renewed happiness and humility
 Orchid: Love and beauty
 Peony: Happiness and prosperity
 Rose (Red): Love and desire
 Rose (White): Purity and innocence
 Sweet Pea: Departure
 Tulip: True love
 Violet: Modesty
 Zinnia: Thoughts of friends, thoughts of absent friends



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How to Choose Wedding Favors

Publish On 2015-03-12 , 2:40 PM

Finding the right items for wedding favors — neither too cheap nor too grand — can be difficult. With wedding favors, the line between cute and kitsch can be mighty thin. If you either can’t or don’t decide to spend money on favors, then you should forego giving anything at all — it’s not necessary. With a little creativity, however, you can probably find or make the perfect favor.

Some suggestions:

  • Candied almonds, symbolizing the bitter and the sweet of marriage, but packaged to evoke your wedding style
  • Dream pillows, a Native American concept, with handwritten notes explaining their use and thanking guests for coming
  • Full-size plants in terra cotta pots with a note on care and treatment
  • Herb plants such as basil or sage in terra cotta pots, with a printed recipe card
  • Flower bulbs (tulip, daffodil, grape hyacinth) with growing instructions.
  • Whole miniature wedding cakes, large enough to be a dessert portion, packaged in white, glossy boxes and tied with chiffon ribbons
  • Small boxes of chocolates
  • Tins of assorted cookies reminiscent of wedding cakes
  • Two-, four- or six-packs of boutique beers with labels dedicated to the bride and groom
  • Homemade preserves or chutneys in Mason jars with handwritten labels
  • Bottles of wine with custom labels from a local vineyard
  • A framed portrait of each couple or single guest to take home with them
  • A book of love poems or quotes with a leather bookmark or a metal page-keeper that is embossed with your wedding date
  • A pair of hand-painted champagne flutes
  • Small topiary trees in pots
  • A custom-burned CD of your wedding music

If favors aren’t part of your tabletop décor, the best way to distribute them to guests is as guests are leaving the reception. Put the favors in small shopping bags with pretty tissue paper and have a waiter hand one to each guest.


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What to Include in a Bridal Emergency Kit.

Publish On 2015-03-14 , 3:10 PM


What to Include in a Bridal Emergency Kit.

In any situation, especially in special events like weddings, you would want it to be perfectly as planned. But since there are unwanted things we cannot hinder, we should always be prepared in dealing with them.  The brides often have the attention of all. She will be viewed in all sides and see to it that she will be well presented. And to help the brides achieve that grace under pressure and how to survive situations as such, here is an emergency kit for the bride:

Facial Tissue

Especially in a day wedding, brides will definitely sweat and will need facial tissue. This would also help you keep the freshness of your look even after the ceremony. Not just sweat, but this will also serve as a friend when unwanted stains come along during the reception. 

Small Hairspray and Bobby Pins

For the hair, brides should always have a hairspray to avoid hair that flies-away. It would make the hair steadier for the whole duration of the wedding. Bobby pins are also the most helpful things in the world in keeping your hair in great style. It can also hold fabrics or details in your dress in case of emergency.


How can we forget the lipstick—forget everything in your make-up kit, but not your lipstick. It will keep your lips gorgeous even after eating. This can also serve as you blush on or eye shadow if they start to fade. So, don’t forget your lipstick.

Wet Tissue  

In wearing a big white wedding dress, you can’t avoid any kind of stain. There will be kids running around you or guests that can accidentally pour their food and might put a stain in your dress. And to help you avoid, get a wet tissue and immediately wipe stains off your dress.

Needle and Thread or Double-sided Tape

There may be dress detail that needs to be repaired after accidentally detached from the dress. That’s why always prepare a needle and thread ready to sew any kind of dress malfunction to make you survive and look gorgeous all throughout your wedding. And if you want a “no-hassle” in sewing, then just get a double-sided tape.

Other Emergency Needs

Also, include Band-Aids and other medicines that you would need just in case. And if you think you still forget something, just imagine all possible situations that might happen.

Most importantly, put everything in a small and organized bag for you not to be anxious in handling. Be a worry-free bride and save yourself from any unwanted happening. We hope that you will have a gorgeous way of handling difficult situations in your wedding.


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What guests MUST remember in attending wedding events?

Publish On 2015-04-17 , 1:59 PM

Table settings by Town's Delight The Caterer

Got a wedding invitation? You better check these guidelines for you not to ruin anything on that event. Make the couple at ease from any trouble and just have fun with everyone. And here are the things you must not do:

Don’t bring your own guest
Filipinos are known to be hospitable with their guests—but during someone else’s event, don’t bring your own. It’s been a great trouble for the couples planning how many guests to invite. And sometimes, they even cut down the number of guests just to make their budget suit for all cost. So, it is very inappropriate bringing your own guest, without considering the whole preparation done before the event. And to make an emphasis, don’t even dare ask the couple if you can. Just go and mingle with other guests who are invited as well.

Enjoy, but never overdo it
Wedding is a celebration of love. It is normal having a good time with the couple and other guests, but make sure to stay respectful to all. It is also a formal gathering of the family and relatives of the couple, so stay proper with your stand and ways. Never be too loud or dancing wildly, always consider other guests.

Don’t pass by while photographers take picture
When walking around the area, whether during the ceremony or the reception, be alert if a camera is ready to take a momentous happening. You might just destroy the work of the photographer. Never let a story not captured because of walking around. It would be nice if you just sit properly and always be cooperative with all the assigned people on the event. Remember that the couple paid the photographer well and never make them upset.

Wear attires that has colors other than white
In weddings, it is expected for the bride to wear white. And for the groom in some instances, choose the color white to set them apart the other members of the entourage. That is why as a guest, you should give way to the couple’s freedom to wear their purity symbol while exchanging their vows. Have the choice of having numerous colors available. But don’t overdress yourself or you will look inappropriate in the wedding.  Always consider that the couple should be the star of their own special event, so make them stand out.

No asking of any wedding cost
And if it happened that you talk with the couple, never ask any of their expenses in the wedding. Given that you are curious about how much they spent, it is still inappropriate to ask. Let them enjoy their day, whether they spent much or less. Just ask them their plans and always think of positive situations that would help them ease the stress of the whole preparation. Make them feel comfortable and satisfied. 

Observe the following guidelines to lessen any stress that you may cause in the wedding. Make sure to be proper and ideal as a guest and a friend to the couple. Have fun and celebrate love without interrupting or offending anyone.


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Summer Weddings Dos and Don'ts

Publish On 2015-05-12 , 3:47 PM

Planning a summer wedding? Follow these summer wedding dos and don'ts for a celebration that goes off without a hitch.

Wedding setup at Jardin Dela Vida by Town's Delight The Caterer

Do provide heat relief. No matter how much you love the sun, your guests will probably want a few ways to escape the heat. Make sure an outdoor venue offers some shade or air-conditioning (tent rentals can include portable air-conditioning systems). Instead of having guests sweat it out through the ceremony, just before it starts, have an usher pass out small ice-cold hand towels across the rows. Scatter decorative tubs or baskets filled with bottles of water near the ceremony site -- and once the dancing begins, place water in close proximity to the action. And don't forget your vendors: Set up an area where they can grab cold beverages as well.

Don't forgo save-the-dates. Summer is the prime time for vacays, especially when it comes to families with school-age kids. Send out an announcement in advance to get your wedding marked on everyone's calendar early.

Do serve lighter fare. Heavy food and heat don't mix. Follow the farm-to-table trend and choose a seasonal menu that includes grilled entrees and local, fresh produce. Gazpacho shooters and grilled fruit skewers make tempting appetizers, and for dessert, consider fruit pies or tarts in lieu of cake. Frozen cocktails (mint, cucumber, or watermelon are popular flavors) or even Popsicles (use the sticks that catch drips) can be festive touches too.

Don't time your outdoor wedding to begin midday. With the sun at its strongest, overheated guests won't be in a party mood. It can also be tricky to get folks to enjoy adult beverages and sit down to a big meal when they're baking. Shoot for a late afternoon or early evening start time. The ideal plan: Schedule dinner for sunset (provided the sun isn't setting too late on your date); then work the rest of the event around that timing.

Do consider stay-cool attire. A bride should feel comfortable and confident -- not sticky. For your wedding dress, choose a light fabric that breathes, such as silk. Or follow the example of many modern brides who are opting for shorter skirts. If you can't resist the heavy traditional ball gown, wear it during the ceremony and then change into an elegant sheath for dancing. A groom can look dapper in a crisp linen suit and leather sandals, or for the ultimate in beach-casual, khakis and a button-down are perfect.

Don't overlook sun and bug protection. Sunburn can give the term "blushing bride" a whole new meaning. Prior to getting dressed, the bride, groom, and attendants should apply sunscreen to skin that will be exposed. Consider wearing a moisturizer and foundation or powder that contains SPF (just give it a test-drive for allergies weeks beforehand). In the guest bathroom, include a basket with sunblock wipes as well as bug spray (which should also be available at the ceremony site).


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