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Feasting on the Florentine Gorgeousness at Aminsana Events Place

Publish On 2017-03-29 , 4:14 PM

The reflection of intense sunlight from outdoors helped illuminate the event setup laid out across the vast Aminsana hall, which featured the classiness of Vineyard Cross-back (VXB) chairs that gracefully surrounded the tables so neatly draped in faultless white linen and lace. The green carpet rolled out right in the middle ran straight to the couple’s chairs positioned before an ornately carved ceremony table in front. 


Such a creative assembly served to dignify the candid Florentine backdrop that debuted in the unique gorgeousness of the Aminsana Events Place. Being the latest backdrop creation of Town’s Delight, Florentine draws its powerful appeal from a cheerful combination of delicate white linens, an ensemble of vertical, horizontal and curved lines, and the colorful streaks of light emphasizing a happy interplay of shapes and textures.



But the vibrancy of the styling rendition at Aminsana Events Place comes from the cool and quiet atmosphere that fills the stately events hall and vast outdoor greenery. With keen aesthetic sense, one can easily liven up this place with well- appointed styling designs for varying themes and color palettes that would capture the couple’s dream of timeless elegance and utter perfection. 


Easily, Aminsana is an interesting standout among the events places in Metro Tagaytay, but it’s ultimately the couples who will decide on that. Working in partnership, Aminsana and Town’s Delight are poised to usher in a new wave of venue-based styling concepts in Metro Tagaytay.



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