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7 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Site

Publish On 2017-06-02 , 2:14 PM

(Fernwood Gardens)


7 Secrets to Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Site

No matter if you're wedding planning a non-stop party or a grand formal affair, here are some tips to help find the wedding venue for your reception, and save yourself some stress in the long run.


Start Early

Most popular wedding reception sites often book far in advance. As soon as you set a date, you’ll want to start your search for a wedding reception site. If you already have a space in mind, call to schedule a meeting with the site manager to get the process started. Some locations will let you reserve space for a short time without placing a deposit. This is a great option if a particular reception venue has caught your eye, but you still want to keep your options open.


Size Matters
Once you’ve created the guest list, you'll be able to get a better sense of the amount of space you’ll need. Your guests, and any service providers you hire, should all fit comfortably within the wedding venue. Ask about the square footage of the reception sites you visit to figure out how to position tables, serving stations, and the entertainment setup such as the dance floor and space for whomever will be providing music.


Seek with Style
Contemporary or classic? Fairytale or no frills? Your location should reflect the style and taste of you and your fiance. If you want to customize the space, ask the site manager if you are allowed to hang decorations from the walls. Ask to review a portfolio of other weddings and events held at the wedding venue, as this can give you and your wedding planner ideas for creating the space you desire.


Look Outside
Outdoor wedding receptions are still a popular choice for many couples. For one, you’re not as restricted to the amount of guests you can fit in one space. Plus, depending on your location, the great outdoors can serve as a beautiful backdrop requiring very little addition to the natural setting.


Guest Provisions
As much as you want to enjoy your special day without any mishaps, so will your wedding guests. Logistical items such as guest parking, valet service, wheelchair ramps and handicap-accessible bathrooms are all things to consider when booking your wedding venue.


Create Ambiance
Lighting can make all the difference in setting the mood. Visit your site during the day and in the evening to see how the space looks with its existing lighting. If the wedding venue calls for a more technical setup, turn to a lighting professional to help create an illuminated space. Lighting pros can install an array of overhead and spotlights to highlight areas inside the room (the main table, the dance floor, entryways, etc.). Also, don’t be afraid to use colored lights; they can really add a unique touch.

Verify Your Resources
Some reception halls don’t provide a kitchen area for food preparation and setup. Therefore you’ll have to schedule with your caterer if the food will need to be created in advance, or determine ways to keep perishable items hot or cold.

The last—and possibly most important—detail is to not sweat the small stuff. After all, your wedding reception is one big party and the goal is to find a site where you and your groom can have a good time celebrating your union among family and good friends. Keep this in mind throughout your search and everything else is sure to fall in place.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel Extravagant

Publish On 2017-06-10 , 1:04 PM

Your big day is just that—big. Wanting it to live up to that moniker can be tricky, but with a few easy and small touches, your wedding day can go from beautiful to extravagant, without going over budget. From specialty cocktails and sparkling wine favors to beautiful centerpieces and luxury gifts, these six ideas will give your special weekend that something extra.

Serve a Signature Rehearsal Dinner Cocktail

There’s no hard and fast rule that says signature cocktails are only for the wedding day. Your celebration is a whole weekend long, after all. Save the his-and-hers brews for the big night, but include one magical concoction at the rehearsal dinner. Add a little glimmer to the night with the Starry Night cocktail: two parts chilled Rosa Regale and one part Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka. Trust us—your guests will be double fisting.

Add Slippers to that Bridesmaid Gift

You’ve already bought the cute floral robe, but go the extra mile to make your bridesmaids comfortable while they’re getting ready with a cozy pair of spa slippers. Not only will they keep your ‘maids feeling luxurious the morning of, but these slippers can also be worn during your group pedicures, and post-wedding celebration too! Their feet will need a rest after all that dancing, after all.

Go Big, Like, Magnum Big

Here’s a low-cost way to make a big impression on your guests. You’ll never feel more luxe than popping a magnum-sized bottle of sparkling rose at your wedding. This big-sized bottle won’t just make for an extravagant pour—serve Rosa Regale instead of traditional champagne for toasts!—but a bigger bottle also goes a longer way into the night. We think that’s a two-for-one: High style impact, extra cost savings. Can’t beat it!

Add an Amazing Backdrop

Skip the photo booth and opt for a stunner of a backdrop that your guests will love to feature in the back of their selfies and Snaps. Flower walls—be them fully covered or hanging blooms—are the perfect way to add elegance to your wedding day. If you can, have your florist make it portable, so it can serve as the backdrop to your ceremony, and a photo-stop during the reception. Opt for lower-priced blooms in all white (guests will never know!) for an affordable option.

Give Mini Bottles for Favors

Stumped on what to send your guests home with? How about something they can use to continue the party at home! Set a table with plastic glasses filled with ice, then pop mini bottles of sparkling Rosa Regale, and a cute paper straw, in each cup. Guests can grab these miniature “ice buckets” as they leave and choose to drink it on their way out, or save it for home. Either way, it’s chilled and ready to go.

Add Some Sparkle If your venue allows it, a wash of lit candles can go a long way in taking your wedding over the top. From adding sparkle to your centerpieces to filling blank spaces, candles in beautiful mercury glass, crystal holders, or floating in water will add the perfect soft glow to your day. Think staggering heights and even hanging pieces for a real wow-factor.

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Questions To Ask Wedding Venue

Publish On 2017-06-14 , 10:38 AM


Selecting a wedding venue is one of the earliest, and most important tasks on your to-do list. If you've never planned a wedding before, how can you be sure of the questions you'll need to ask to find the perfect venue? That's where we can help!

Perfect Wedding Guide planning expert, Susan Southerland, shares eight questions to ask each venue before booking your reception site:


#1: What is NOT included in my rental fee or catering package?
If your reception is at a hotel or a restaurant, tables, chairs, and linens will probably be included in your rental package. That isn't always the case, though. Regardless of where you hold your reception, whether it be in a park, garden or other wedding facility, ask whether you will have to rent additional items. Ask these questions up front, as part of your initial interview with venue sales staff as these additional costs can have a significant impact on the overall budget for your wedding

#2: What's the backup plan?
All weddings need a backup plan - not just outdoor weddings! Electricity can fail or the venue could be shut down for any number of potential emergencies. Know whether your venue has a contingency plan and what your options could be if something were to happen. If this is something the venue has thought through, you’re generally in good hands.

#3: Should I tip my bartenders and servers?
Service staff is always paid for their work, but there are two common ways caterers price this expense: some build the cost into their overall fee and others charge a separate service fee. Determine whether the cost is included in the caterer's estimate and whether you'll need to tip service staff after the reception. Know in advance how you'll be charged for staff when planning your budget. The amount could be pricey if not planned for in advance.

#4: Will you let us bring our own cake?
Check with the venue to see if the cake is something provided in the catering package or if you need to use a separate vendor. Some venues and caterers will charge an additional cake cutting fee if you purchase through an outside vendor. Cake cutting fees can seem like an unnecessary expense, but can often include the addition of decorating the plates or adding garnishes to the cake (e.g., chocolate covered strawberries or flowers).

#5: How long can we dance?
If you're dreaming of an all-hours party, make sure your location doesn't require you to leave at a certain time. Consider that some venues have limited hours due to local noise regulations or personnel contracts. Other wedding venues will allow you to stay later for an extra fee, or simply keep the bar open with or without music.

#6: What rules do you have on decorating?

If you have grand plans for hanging chandeliers, balloons, or lanterns, ask which fastening materials they allow for ceilings and walls. Many venues have strict policies against nails, tape, or staples that could end your vision, well after you're locked into the contract. Candles and open flames are other items you’ll want to check their permission on as well.

There are other options if you don’t want to spend much on decorating. Consider choosing a site with natural beauty; gardens or a water view will draw guests’ attention, requiring very little extra décor to set the tone of your event.
You might also ask your coordinator whether they have in-house décor that you can use - many allow you to use their plants, arbors, candles, or even centerpieces as part of the contract.

#7: Can other weddings be scheduled the same day?
Larger wedding venues often have multiple events in one evening, especially if your reception is at a prime time on a Saturday night. The trick is to find out how other events are scheduled.
It's best not to have both parties start at the same time as guest arrival quickly becomes confusing. If possible, schedule your cocktail hour at least an hour apart so that guests from one party will already be seated for dinner when the other party arrives. Also, make sure to ask how other resources like bathrooms and staffing are divided up for multiple events – you want to ensure your guests are able to enjoy the event as much as possible without the worry of a second wedding interfering.

#8: Is there plenty of on-site parking?
Make sure there is sufficient parking for your guest count. If parking is going to be limited, you could ask your caterer to arrange for valet service. This creates an additional expense, but the flow of your event will be much smoother than if people have to struggle to park.
Another option is to find a convenient parking lot and ask if you can use it for your wedding reception. Keep in mind however, that you would then have to provide shuttles back and forth to the reception. If your wedding is taking place at a hotel or restaurant, there should be plenty of parking, but there could be a charge. If you pay the parking costs for your guests, you may be able to negotiate a discount.

There are many factors to consider when booking a wedding reception venue. Asking these eight questions before booking is sure to help you find a space that suites your style.


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Abagatan ti Manila

Publish On 2017-06-17 , 2:43 PM

Abagatan ti Manila (Ilocano for South of Manila) is a premier hotel and events place that offers stylish room accommodations and extensive facilities. Enjoy well-designed architecture, impressive garden landscapes, topped by high quality service, and the warm hospitality of our dedicated staff. 

Built in July 2014, this lush estate nestled in an amazingly peaceful haven in Alfonso, Cavite, is the ideal venue for corporate meetings, team building activities, The Dream wedding, family reunions, or simply, just a quick weekend escape from the city. The property is approximately 13 km from Tagaytay, around 44 km from Batangas and Alabang, and about 50 km away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

With a laid-back feel and cozy ambience, Abagatan ti Manila is truly your Stylish Getaway Haven in the South of Manila.


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