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How to Stay Organized During Wedding Planning

Publish On 2014-06-19 , 2:11 PM

One of the most important tasks in successful wedding planning is to stay on top of things and get as organized as possible early on. Not only will this save you time and stress when you need to find a key document quickly, but it will also help keep your budget on track since you’ll know exactly what you still need (and don’t need!) at any stage of your planning.

One thing that we highly recommend when you’re first getting organized is to set up a collection bin system to contain and process all of your wedding-related correspondence and materials.

the tools you’ll need

(1.) a wedding inbox
The first bin will be your wedding inbox – anything you get in the mail today and each new day throughout your wedding planning will go here so that it doesn’t get mixed in with all of your other mail or lost in another part of the house.

(2.) a wedding “ideas” box
The second bin will be for wedding ideas and inspiration. Anything you might come across in a magazine, a color swatch or fabric sample, or any other piece of inspiration you happen upon but don’t know quite what to do with yet will go here.

Note: These bins need not be anything fancy — simple wire-mesh bins that you can pick up at any office supply store will do a splendid job. ;)

(3.) a wedding binder
Finally, a wedding binder will hold all of your notes, contracts and other details. This can be as simple as a 3-ring binder with pockets or as fancy as a dedicated wedding organizer that you can find in most bookstores.

and the most important step…how to process

Once a week, empty your wedding inbox by processing any correspondence or contracts that need to be signed and then filing anything that’s been finalized from your inbox into your wedding binder.

At least every two weeks or once every month, also empty your “ideas” box and keep only the things that you think you’ll actually use for your wedding. Your final color or fabric swatches can be added to your wedding binder, along with any other favor or decor ideas you’ve decided upon, etc.

By processing both bins on a regular basis, you’ll stay on top of anything that needs immediate attention, while continuing to fill up your binder and cross off your wedding planning tasks.