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Expert Tips For Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding!

Publish On 2014-04-08 , 5:27 AM

If you plan to have your wedding during your favourite season (summer!), when days are long and warm, and nights are starry and romantic, make sure to read these tips before starting the planning process. Not only will your guests thank you, but it will be the best summer wedding they’ve ever been to!

Location, location, location
First of all, when choosing your venue, make sure you are not going to a place that will be right in the middle of hurricane season, which will pose the threat of destructive weather and travelling issues.

Beach wedding?  Check the tides.  A full moon will let you know to expect the swell of the tides and thus, waves and aggressive motion in your background.

If you are thinking about a ceremony by the water, keep in mind that you may get attacked by bugs and insects.  Look around to see if you have other options where you will have less of a chance of being attacked.

If you do, however, plan to exchange your vows by the water, make sure you have a microphone and that your voices are not drowned out by the sounds of the water.

Make sure that you have a plan B, in case of rain.  No bride wants to be drenched with makeup running down her face!

Timing is everything
When choosing the time of day, if possible, don’t get married midday, when there is the highest risk of unpredictable rain showers. Instead, opt for morning, late afternoon or early evening, when you have better odds of dry weather.

Happy guests = happy wedding
You want to ensure guests are comfortable throughout the entire day (and night).

Keep them hydrated and cool, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Provide cold water bottles, fans and air conditioning where possible!  If you do have part of a wedding outside (ceremony) and then go indoors for the reception, make sure the room is cool before your guests enter.

Keep in mind that many people suffer from allergies.  Make sure the grass is not cut the day of the wedding as this will surely activate any seasonal allergies your guests may suffer from.

Offer guests bug repellant.  There are bugs, mosquitoes and bees during the day and especially at night.  Place citronella candles around and offer beautifully packaged repellant to your guests.  This will be so appreciated.

If you are on a beach, provide flip-flops for everyone.  Who can walk in the sand with heels or want to sweat in dress shoes?  Just last night, I saw the most interesting thing at a wedding meeting: plastic heel attachments that ladies can snap onto their heels that saves their heels from digging into grass as they walk.  Such an amazing invention and a gift that every high-heeled lady will be grateful for!

Smile.  Picture Time!
When planning your picture-taking schedule, plan for as late as possible.  In the early afternoon, it is the most humid and hottest part of the day.  A sweating and uncomfortable bride will not be happy taking pictures at this worst time of the day.

Brides, make sure you keep a bag with your maid-of-honour or someone else who will be with you the entire day.  Fill your bag with everything you need for touch-ups, from make-up to deodorant and perfume.

Brides, look and feel your best.
When shopping for your dress, remember the conditions you will be in.

A long or poufy heavy dress will make it really uncomfortable for you in the heat, and on grass or sand.  Lighter fabrics that are more flowy not only look stunning, but will make you feel much more comfortable.

Brides, also keep in mind that less is more, especially on hot humid days. A really extravagant updo, for example, will have a hard time keeping its shape.  You can still stay cool and gorgeous with a simple updo and not stress about your hairstyle unravelling.  Summer is easy and casual and your summer wedding look should be, too!

Keep the menu light and refreshing.
Summer fare should always be light and fresh.  No one wants a heavy meal in the hot weather.  Think gazpacho soup, fresh salads, light grilled meat (like chicken or fish) and lots of fruits and vegetables.  Desserts should be bite size, colourful and beautifully displayed.  Rather than rich and heavy cakes, lighter treats such a lemon squares, fruit tarts and sorbets make for more summer-friendly treats.