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What to do when it rains on your wedding day?

Publish On 2016-07-23 , 11:47 AM

It’s been a tragic dilemma for couples spending their wedding in a rainy season. That’s why extra time and effort is needed to make their wedding still fab and cozy. And if you areplanning to have your most romantic date in this kind of weather, even if there is a risk of heavy rain, then here are some tips for you: 

Outdoor wedding setup and styling by Town's Delight The Caterer

Tell your guests about the possible rainy wedding

In inviting your guests, it is always helpful to tell them any possible happenings. Remember that they are also preparing themselves for your event, so whether it rains or not, be transparent in telling them your plans to help them prepare the things they need in attending your wedding.

Rent a tent

If you’re going to have your reception in an outdoor venue, make sure to rent a tent. This would ensure the safety of your guests as well as the food and equipment for the caterer. It would maintain the whole wedding decoration intact as well as the set-up.

Prepare “rainy day souvenirs“

Embrace the season and prepare colorful umbrellas or raincoats as your wedding souvenir. Creativity would always save your special day. And since you accepted a rainy wedding day, better have a great approach in accepting it. Your guests might have the most useful souvenir from your event.

Order soupy meals

Since you already know the weather, tell your caterer to prepare soupy meals for the guests. It would be well appreciated if they see that you really prepared for them. Always ask what is available and plan ahead of time to help the cater serve only the best on your wedding.

Make your photos amazing

Tell your photographers about this plan and pose for photos that would make your memories matter. Remember that wedding photos would narrate how your wedding was spent years after, so make the most out of the opportunity of having a rainy wedding.

Dance in the rain

After doing everything in the program, have fun with the rain. Dance around with your partner and bring your guests outside the tent. Enjoy the moment of your day and feel the blessings from the Lord for your wedding. 

Remember to always have a blast on your day. It will only happen once and you decide whether it turns great or terrible. Planning is the key, so contact Town’s Delight to experience great wedding memories.