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Getting Married Soon?

Publish On 2015-12-18 , 10:44 AM

Wedding setup at Alta Veranda de Tibig by Town's Delight The Caterer

Reminders to keep in setting your wedding date

Getting married soon and still deciding what date would you prefer in spending it? We’ll help you get the right date by considering some of these important reminders to avoid any unwanted happenings. Also, we consider dates which shall not affect the attendance of your very important guests. So, here is a list for you to keep: 

If you can spend it on a weekday, it’d be better

One of the dilemmas that couples always complain about during their wedding is the late arrival of guests. Well, for some, but the real dilemma there is the traffic that all of them face when they spend their wedding on a weekend. This goes especially if your venue is a destination like Tagaytay, where a lot of tourists would really visit. So, better choose a date on a weekday rather than a weekend.

Don’t consider holidays that observe or celebrate a religious belief

For a Christian nation like us, we really stand by what we believe in and would strictly follow whatever it requires. Well, you wouldn’t want to compete with your guests’ belief, right? Instead of contesting with these dates, just spend your wedding preferably during regular days—just make it a special day in the years to come.

Prefer spending it during the sunny season

While we love to cuddle and be romantic during rainy days, we cannot change the fact that it can ruin a wedding plan if it comes in a surprise on your wedding day. So, if you would want a wedding that is safe from wet and mud, then choose a date in sunny season. In the Philippines, weddings are preferably spent from the month of December till May where typhoons don’t really affect us. However, if you’re persistent in choosing a date that is uncertain with this kind of calamity, then choose a wedding venue that has an indoor area to secure a safe and peaceful wedding.

Refrain from double celebrations

While spending your birthday and wedding day at the same time is a great idea, don’t set when others from the family celebrate the same event. It may lessen the celebration when you know that other people have their own, so it would not be as great when you have it alone and great.

Keep these reminders and be ready to spend the best occasion for you and your partner. And if you want more ideas and suggestions you may talk to our wedding Stewards to plan your wedding.

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