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Tagaytay: The ultimate wedding destination

Publish On 2015-11-03 , 3:44 PM

It’s always been a fantasy to get married with the right person at the right time. But can you agree that the “right place” for this situation also matters? Well, for soon-to-be brides, optimism for this certain perfection matters, and there is no way that you could stop them in pursuing this kind of happening. We tolerate this goal they have, that’s why with Town’s Delight The Caterer, couples are always spoiled with the right and perfect kind of wedding they desire. Why not, if the event we’re talking about happens only once in a lifetime?

Wedding setup at Clearwater Resthouse

Cool breeze to complement the romantic occasion, picturesque view as a backdraft to the memories that will surely be treasured—these are just some of what Tagaytay promises to whoever may pleases to spend their events in its vicinity. And for the longest time, we witnessed some of the most emotional instances of families in the city. While bringing the services for couples, there is indeed a magic in the place that even us can never explain. More than the food, set-ups and other materials that makes a wedding event grandiose is every touching encounters that each of our client experiences. And how can you have all of this if your wedding just happened in a location that is exhausted or congested with too much pollution and unwanted crowd of stuffs? Imagine if the venue you have is that scorching and all your guests can’t help but to express their discomfort. 

View of Taal Volcano at Casablanca Tagaytay

The venue of your occasion really matters to match the kind of celebration you wanted. And to follow the Disney princesses you’ve been dreaming since childhood days, you have to get booked with one of Tagaytay City’s venues. You have the choice of spending it in a garden with an overlooking view of Taal Volcano or simply just the color of nature; you may also experience a royal-like feel inside the indoor venues or to any other venues perfect for your motif and theme. 

Have the ultimate wedding experience by putting together the right person at the right time in Tagaytay City, surely that’s perfection! And don’t forget the right match in having a Tagaytay wedding—that’s us, Town’s Delight The Caterer! Providing the most desirable wedding experiences in Tagaytay for over 41 years, there is no way that we can’t achieve the kind of wedding you want. Call us today and have a moment to treasure till the end of time.