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Selecting A Wedding Car

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There is no other element that creates a spectacular arrival than the wedding vehicle that you and your wedding party arrive in. Wedding cars play a key role in making magnificent entrances and nothing beats the pleasure of traveling in opulent luxury and style. That’s why selecting the right wedding car to compliment the style and theme of your event is crucial.

Vintage, Classic Or Modern?

Vintage cars are generally made between 1919 and 1930.

Classics are from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and are no longer in production, yet still popular.

Modern Classics tend to be iconic cars from some of the classic makes that people believe stand out enough to be classics. Examples include: Ferrari Enzo, Jaguar XK8R and Aston Martin DB9.

Modern cars are generally late model luxury limousines and vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari’s.

There are no rules when it comes to wedding cars and arriving in style, however make sure that it is YOUR style and that it matches your wedding style.

If you’re having a modern or casual wedding, consider a motorcycle, converted fire engine or flashy new convertible Mercedes or Ferrari as your wedding transport. On the other hand, if your ceremony and reception is more traditional, a classic Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Aston Martin, or a vintage Dodge or Buick may be exactly what you’re after. These are definitely for those couples that want to make a statement.

Limousines are a classic choice for wedding cars. The couple hosting a classic and traditional wedding generally choose the limousine to accommodate themselves, their family and the bridal party. Other excellent choices in wedding cars that can also accommodate a large wedding party include stretch SUV’s.

For the bride and groom who want a more intimate experience, consider wedding cars that are elegant, yet provide a more romantic and intimate setting of a classic car, such as the Rolls Royce and Bentley. Each of these wedding cars will definitely leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

A wedding car of any era will make you feel a million dollars and selecting the right wedding car company will take a lot of the stress away from your wedding planning. So read these helpful tips to choose your wedding cars wisely.

Size Does Matter...

The first thing to do when organising your wedding cars is to determine how many cars are required. Will the entire bridal party be transported by a single car or by several cars? It is customary for the bride to ride with her parents to the wedding ceremony and don’t forget to include the parents and grandparents of both the bride and the groom.

The style of vehicle you select will also determine how many people it will seat. Generally classic vehicles seat four adults plus the chauffeur. Limousines on the other hand will seat 10 or more adults plus the chauffeur.

Reputation Is Key!

Once the number of cars has been decided, it is important to make sure that you choose a single company to handle your wedding transportation needs. Be mindful that some car hire companies sub contract wedding cars from other operators. This provides opportunity for mix- ups to occur, as the more people that are involved in the transaction, the more complicated it can be. To reduce any potential problems ensure that the wedding car you select is actually owned by the operator. Also make sure that you obtain a guarantee that the wedding car you reserve is the one that you will receive by reserving the specific car you have chosen by its registration number.

A long established wedding car hire company generally means many years of valuable experience providing wedding car hire services. Research the operator with your local office of consumer and business affairs to see if any complaints have been registered.

A car hire company with many vehicles also means that alternative arrangements can be made in case of an emergency such as vehicle breakdown. Ask your operator what will happen if your wedding car breaks down. The best response would be ‘We’ve never had one break down!’

Ask the wedding car hire company for references as well as people you know who have recently married, as they will recommend the wedding car service they used if they were happy. They can also warn you about companies they rejected as well. Your photographer would also know who arrives on time and who doesn’t.

Dress Code

Reputable companies also take much greater pride in the presentation of their chauffeurs and ensure that their chauffeurs are dressed smartly and are well groomed. Personal service, attention to detail, comfort and individuality are the hallmarks of a professional chauffeur service.

These days most modern couples prefer their chauffeur to wear a dark suit, shirt and tie, rather than the more old fashioned uniform that is associated with chauffeurs.

Book Early !

Book your wedding car well in advance, especially if you are looking for a particular vintage model as the best cars generally go quickly.

Many wedding car hire companies often hold bookings up to 18 months in advance, with many couples booking up to 9 and 12 months in advance – so start early!

You Get What You Pay For

Choose quality over price. That great deal that you have secured won’t seem like such a great deal if it arrives unclean and with scratches – not the best backdrop to your wedding photos.

Examine the car that you are considering for any visible damage, cleanliness and wear and tear, because if it doesn’t look like it hasn’t been taken care of on the outside, then it probably hasn’t been taken care of on the inside and the last thing you need on your wedding day is for your wedding car to break down.


There is no specific time frame as to how long you should hire a wedding car, however with some companies a minimum period and charge applies. You can generally make use of the vehicles for as long as you like, limited only by your wedding budget.

Wedding cars usually pick up the bride and then take her and bridal party to the place of ceremony then wait and move on to the reception. Depending on distance this normally takes approximately two hours.

After the ceremony couples usually visit various photo locations before going on to the reception, sometimes using the vehicles for up to five or six hours. However, every couple and every wedding is different so it is entirely up to you.

Protection From The Elements

Ask the wedding car hire company whether blankets and large umbrellas are carried in the cars to protect you from the outdoor elements such as rain and cold and if red carpets are available to protect your wedding dress from the ground.

Added Extras

Many wedding car hire companies provide a bottle of champagne (or if you prefer soft drink, orange juice or water) for the journey as part of the package. Check if you can bring your own bottle of Moét for something really special!

Confirm Date, Time & Directions

Organising wedding cars successfully means ensuring that the drivers know where to be and at what time.

A week before the wedding, fax a set of typed directions and maps on how to get to your house, reception, church etc to the wedding car hire company to confirm the date, time and locations so that there are no misunderstandings. Also, ask for the driver's mobile number in case you need to get in contact with them.

Keep another copy of the map and directions with you on the wedding day. You may need to give them to the driver if the car hire company sends a different driver at the last minute or if they forget their copy.

Wedding Car Hire Checklist - Questions To Ask:

•     When should we book?

•     How do we book the vehicles that we want?

•     How much is the deposit?

•     When is the balance payable?

•     What is the overtime rate if the wedding goes longer than expected?

•     Are all the vehicles licensed by the Dept of Transport to conduct this sort of activity?

•     What happens if we need to cancel our booking?

•     What happens if a breakdown occurs?

•     Who supplies the decorations and ribbons?

•     Who will be the driver?

•     What do the drivers wear?

•     What if it is cold or rains?

•     What else do you offer?

•     Are we able to use your vehicles in the photographs?