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10 Tips for Surviving a Rainy Day Wedding

Publish On 2015-06-02 , 2:35 PM

Cue Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.” The thought of rain on your wedding day may seem like a natural disaster of bridal proportions, but there is a lot to be said for a rainy day wedding. Aside from being a sign of good luck, rain on your Big Day is an opportunity to have pictures and a party like no one else’s. For you today, our favorite tips for planning (or the last-minute making) of a beautiful rainy day wedding. We promise you’ll be obsessed, from this day forward.

1. Tent Rental: Always have a back-up venue plan. If you are planning to have your nuptials out in nature, ask your chosen venue if they have a back-up plan for inclement weather and if access to it comes with additional cost. If they don’t have a built-in plan B, have a tent rental on speed dial and be prepared to confirm the rental and set up the week of the wedding if the forecast looks like rain. (via A Swanky Affair)

2. Photography: Talk to your photographer. Find out if they’ve shot a wedding in the rain before. Do they have some ideas for how to make it more fun, exciting and sweetly unique? What’s the plan, logistically and financially, in inclement weather? Will they still show up, stay throughout the night? Find out. (via Katie Cross)

3. Hair Hacks: Call on the glam squad. Obviously, waterproof mascara is a must for any bride. But a little rain may call for some last-minute beauty changes. If you’re worried about out-of-control humidity hair, consider a beautifully messy bun or relaxed flower crown. These styles are on trend and perfect for preventing frizz and falling. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


4. Pretty Parasols: The gift that keeps on giving: umbrellas! Guests will want to stay dry during the ceremony or to and from their cars to the ceremony site or reception venue. Get creative with this opportunity… do you want everyone to have matching umbrellas, or should the audience be a flood of color? Embrace the umbrella and have fun with it. 

5. Accessories: Find fun, rain-friendly wedding party and guest swag. Wellies for the bridal party or umbrellas for the guest aren’t just fun, they’re functional, too. If you’re loving the rainy day vibe, but may see sunshine, you can still incorporate these fun accessories. They make for great photos! (via Cramer Photo)

6. Cool Temps + Wind: Rain may not be the only weather-related issue. The temperature may drop drastically, or the wind may threaten to blow the guests away — and not the way you had in mind. Ask your vendors if portable heaters and tent walls are available, and if not, locate a vendor for these prior to the big day. And don’t forget to have a bolero, jacket or shrug ready to go! (via Inspired by This)

7. Umbrella Party Favors: Create a back-up budget. All the last-minute adjustments for bad weather can add costs and quickly. Early during your planning, be sure to create a rainy day fund. Literally. You’ll have enough things to think about on the big day, money shouldn’t be one of them.

8. Scheduling: Consider a flexible timeline. If a torrential downpour looks likely right at the time of your vows, consider extending the cocktail hour or perhaps going immediately from vows to reception. When planning, allow the schedule some flex room. It’ll keep your guests out of the rain and your stress to a minimum. A little adjustment goes a long way! (via Style Me Pretty)

9. Fans: If you live in the south, a little rain mixed in with warm weather can create some miserable heat. Ensure guests are as comfortable as possible by providing water bottles and fans at the ceremony site, and even a stash of blotting papers and hairspray in the restrooms. These little conveniences will be appreciated by the guests. Or you can go big with air conditioned tents. The options are endless!

10. Stick to The Plan: Whatever you decide, commit to it and have some fun. (via Rustic Chic Wedding)