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What to Include in a Bridal Emergency Kit.

Publish On 2015-03-14 , 3:10 PM


What to Include in a Bridal Emergency Kit.

In any situation, especially in special events like weddings, you would want it to be perfectly as planned. But since there are unwanted things we cannot hinder, we should always be prepared in dealing with them.  The brides often have the attention of all. She will be viewed in all sides and see to it that she will be well presented. And to help the brides achieve that grace under pressure and how to survive situations as such, here is an emergency kit for the bride:

Facial Tissue

Especially in a day wedding, brides will definitely sweat and will need facial tissue. This would also help you keep the freshness of your look even after the ceremony. Not just sweat, but this will also serve as a friend when unwanted stains come along during the reception. 

Small Hairspray and Bobby Pins

For the hair, brides should always have a hairspray to avoid hair that flies-away. It would make the hair steadier for the whole duration of the wedding. Bobby pins are also the most helpful things in the world in keeping your hair in great style. It can also hold fabrics or details in your dress in case of emergency.


How can we forget the lipstick—forget everything in your make-up kit, but not your lipstick. It will keep your lips gorgeous even after eating. This can also serve as you blush on or eye shadow if they start to fade. So, don’t forget your lipstick.

Wet Tissue  

In wearing a big white wedding dress, you can’t avoid any kind of stain. There will be kids running around you or guests that can accidentally pour their food and might put a stain in your dress. And to help you avoid, get a wet tissue and immediately wipe stains off your dress.

Needle and Thread or Double-sided Tape

There may be dress detail that needs to be repaired after accidentally detached from the dress. That’s why always prepare a needle and thread ready to sew any kind of dress malfunction to make you survive and look gorgeous all throughout your wedding. And if you want a “no-hassle” in sewing, then just get a double-sided tape.

Other Emergency Needs

Also, include Band-Aids and other medicines that you would need just in case. And if you think you still forget something, just imagine all possible situations that might happen.

Most importantly, put everything in a small and organized bag for you not to be anxious in handling. Be a worry-free bride and save yourself from any unwanted happening. We hope that you will have a gorgeous way of handling difficult situations in your wedding.