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Tips for Choosing a Venue

Publish On 2015-02-23 , 4:23 PM


With a lot of venue offering when it comes to weddings, how can you consider if it is good for your own occasion? What are the different considerations to put to mind when choosing your venue? That’s why aside from the other details, let us take a look at the list on how to get a great wedding venue:


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1.    First, Think Of Your Guest Accommodation

When deciding for the venue, consider first how many guests you will be accommodating. By this, your wedding will just look fit into the venue—not too small and not too big. You will have just enough space to make your guests comfortable.

2.    Consider If It Will Blend To Your Theme

If you choose your venue, make sure it matches your wedding theme. It helps in achieving the feel that you want if the area itself blends in your theme. If your motif is vintage then choose a venue which gives the same aura, if it is rustic or nature, choose locations with the same ambience. It would be easier for you than doing extravagant set-up on the event’s place.

3.    Parking Areas

Always put to mind the convenience of all especially when parking their cars. Choose a venue that has wide and enough parking space for your guests. This dilemma always set the mood of the guests before attending your wedding. So better get a venue that has huge parking space.

4.    Different Areas To Eat, Drink And Party

Check your venue if it offers variants of area suit for the kind of wedding you has. If your guests are fond of partying, then let them have area to party. If your guests are there to dine and chat with each other, then have them a place perfect for what they want—celebrating your wedding in a quiet way. And also for the drinkers, have them a space to drink and be loud. With this, everyone will enjoy your wedding for they know how comfortable your venue is. Check that your venue will not have problems to the neighboring houses to avoid any complications.

5.    Locate Important Details 

Have a tour on the place and look for important details. Visualize the area with how your wedding will look like. From the buffet area to the music corner and other concerns, make sure there are enough space, plugs and ways to go and come from. Think of how the catering provider come and go from the buffet area to their storage location.

6.    Proper Ventilation

Your wedding will also be filled with nice dresses and tuxedos. That is why it is important to give your guests proper ventilation. If you are having an indoor activity, air-conditioned venues should be considered. You would not want to look a corpse and even your guests would curse you because of the bad ventilation in your venue. 

7.    Consider Other Options

Don’t settle for just one choice of venue, visit different venues great for wedding events and compare. Think how you will benefit from one to another. Consider also the price differences and choose what would be a wise decision.

In choosing your venue, always bear in mind your guests and the food served. You will be celebrating your most special day and it would be a part of your journey forever, so make wise decisions and enjoy the rest of your preparations.