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Rustic Wedding Theme at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

Publish On 2015-02-11 , 3:25 PM

Rustic Wedding Theme at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary 

Known for its rustic country ambience many couples book their weddings at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary. Located in Silang, Cavite, you can really feel an elegant rural setting. Mixed with the cold breeze of the place there is really romantic touch of nature. Your guests would surely love your wedding event.

You will be on trend with this eco-friendly rustic wedding theme this 2015. With nude cake, hanging decors, woody chic and glamorous green pieces around the reception, surely you will achieve your dream wedding. Brides can also use floral hair dress instead of the usual wedding crowns to complete the feel of nature. And instead of the using the usual strong colors as your wedding motif, why not combine different pastel colors to complement the place. It would be as magical as fairytales.

Make the most out of nature and choose to have a Rustic wedding theme. Your guests will be in awe as they witness a very romantic day of your love. Make your secondary sponsors like dancing fairies around and your set-up completely dreamlike. 

Angelfields Nature Sanctuary gives the perfect atmosphere of romance with rustic country theme. With its flexible garden area, you may transform with different fantastic setting. That’s why before tying the knot this year consider a good theme with this sanctuary of love. Partner this with the best and well-trusted food and wedding service provider—Town’s Delight The Caterer. They can give the perfect wedding set-up you wanted to achieve. They will also have the best match of food menus to complete the satisfaction of guests in attending your wedding. What could be better than having these two partnering companies in giving you the best way to celebrate your special day?

Never get outdated with the trend in your wedding. Book a reservation and deal with us. Wedding will only happen once, make it remarkable.