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What to look for in a wedding dress

Publish On 2015-01-06 , 2:12 PM

How to choose a wedding dress
The one main thing to remember when choosing a wedding dress is that it's about how the dress looks on you rather than how it looks in a catalog picture or a mannequin. While it seems trivial, it's surprising how many brides make the mistake of finding their perfect "style" in a magazine, racing to the store to find this same or similar type of dress they like so much and trying it on only to be disappointed in how they look.

The next thing that usually goes through their mind is something like "If only I was skinnier / taller / more shapely / etc." No wonder wedding dress hunting becomes more of a chore rather than the fun experience it's supposed to be! Well, learning from our own experience (as well as a countless number of our friends and a large number of brides here at who recently got married), here are a couple of tips on how to choose your perfect wedding dress and skip on all the frustration.

Find your unique dress style
Each body is different, so it only makes sense that the same dress will look very different on different people. Thus, the best way to figure out what type of dress will look best on you is to try as many different types, styles, and colors and see which patterns emerge. Instead of going through countless bridal magazines, make a few trips to actual bridal stores. Start with the largest stores (think David's Bridal vs. small boutique) that carry the largest variety of wedding dresses.

At first, don't be picky. Try every imaginable style and dress and begin the process of elimination. Take notes on what features of a dress look good on you and which ones simply don't. For instance, a "mermaid" style dress might make your hips look big (in which case, scratch that one out) or this same style might make you look shapelier and sexier (in which case, it's a keeper).

At this step, don't pay attention at the price - you are still in the "discovery" phase simply looking for the style of dress that looks best on you. Once you've figured out your unique style, you are 90% done. The next step is to visit bridal shops with that particular picture in mind and simply find the dress that would suit your budget.

Find the perfect wedding dress
Hunting for your perfect wedding dress will take longer than you expect. Most brides assume it won't take more than 2-3 waves of bridal shop visits to find their perfect dress. They are greatly underestimating the effort! In a quick pole we took, brides made an average of 9 trips to different bridal shops and tried and average of 8-10 dresses at each store. That's 90 different dresses tried on... daunting isn't it?

One thing to remember is not to settle because you think you will never find a wedding dress you will be 100% happy with. After all, you found your perfect man, why can't you also find your perfect dress :)? Remember that it's not just you - unless you are wearing your mother's dress to the wedding, finding your wedding gown may take a few months.

Here is an advice from us at be patient and take as long as you need. It's worth it, given that your wedding dress (as captured in wedding pictures) will literally be looked at and remembered by generations to come (including your children and grandchildren).

Bring a camera to a bridal shop
Definitely bring a camera to each dress fitting and take pictures of every dress that you try on from every angle. Not only will this help you to later remember which dresses you liked the most/least, it will also help you:

  • see how your dress will look in wedding pictures (objects in pictures and real life don't always lookidentical),
  • compare different styles of dresses and how they look on you side-by-side,
  • share these pictures with your bridesmaids and girlfriends and ask for their opinions.

Enlist help of friends to find the dress

Don't go to the fittings alone! Bring your bridesmaids or friends and ask them what they think looks best on you. Take lots of pictures, share them online and ask your friends to vote on the top three dresses they like best. Although everyone has different tastes and opinions, you will soon see a trend that will help you figure out which style of dress looks best on you.

Happy hunting for that perfect wedding dress!