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Tips for Preparing for Your Prenup Shoot

Publish On 2014-10-07 , 3:15 PM


These days, having a prenuptial shoot is common practice among marrying couples. Such a shoot would not only be a great opportunity to relax before the wedding, but it would also allow you to practice being in front of the camera. If you're organizing your own engagement session, see our tips for getting ready below.

List down your common interests

If you're having a hard time generating fresh ideas for your shoot's theme, think of the things you love doing as a couple. Be it biking, reading, or playing music, your and your groom's shared passion is a good inspiration for your shoot. Not only will you be easily comfortable with the concept, but your theme will also have more meaning as it represents you as a couple.

Live out your fantasies

While some couples' themes are inspired by what they usually do, you can also take the opposite route and pick a concept that allows you to do what you wouldn't normally do. Your prenuptial shoot gives you the perfect excuse to play with different looks and costumes, so don't hesitate to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Find your happy place

Location plays a huge role in setting the mood for your shoot. Find a place that you would be comfortable shooting at--it can be your backyard, a favorite restaurant, or a busy street. Make sure that your chosen spot complements your theme so that all the elements look cohesive. Also, check for permits and other fees so everything's set on the day of the shoot.

Narrow down your concepts

It's fun to think of different themes for your engagement session, and it's easy to get carried away. Remember to narrow down your theme to keep your shoot from becoming a hodgepodge of random things. If you can, stick to one concept to make it easier for you to achieve cohesion. That way, you can direct all your efforts into one theme, and you'll have more time to find the perfect location and source props and costumes.

Look at pegs for inspiration

Whether or not you'll be hiring a stylist for your shoot, pegs can help you articulate how you want the different elements to look like. Collate photos of hair, makeup, clothes, props, and locations that complement your chosen theme. Find inspiration in your chosen pegs, but do remember to add your own personalities into the various details.

Practice posing

If you're camera shy, practice posing in front of a mirror to build that confidence. Try different poses to find your best angle, and work on your smile. Practicing allows you to be more comfortable in front of the camera come shoot day, and your confidence will show. To help you get into the zone, you can also prepare a shoot soundtrack that you can play during your prenuptial session.

Interact with your photographer

Establishing rapport with the photographer is perhaps the most common advice given by couples who've done their prenuptial session. While your and your beau's chemistry will be the main ingredient of the shoot, it pays to be comfortable with the photographer. Try meeting with your photographer prior to the shoot, and be open about your ideas and even your apprehensions. Your photographer will help you come out of your shell, and trust plays a role in letting them direct you at the shoot.